Sunday, February 21

In Memory

(Edit for some errors due to not being in my right mind when I wrote this)

Yesterday, my first friend in Warcraft passed away. I knew she was sick for a long time now, but I didn't think that she would be gone so soon.

My earliest memory is meeting her and her husband in the Barrens. They were working on the dwarves but couldn't keep up with the respawns. At the time, I just helping some fellow guildies, but a friendship had begun.

She might say her favorite moment was in U crator fighting the fire elem boss for the linkin quest line. I came to help then too, and we didn't understand quite what we were supposed to do. Que flying bear butt as I thought I could just tank him, but instead was flung around repeatedly. I think she enjoyed my frustration a little too well :)

When our current Boomkin now do an "oops" on the Starfall, the raid starts to chatter about the time she used Starfall during Opera event in Kara, only to pull the audience across the way. Talk about upping the difficulty level!

Despite her being older than me, I became her "big sis" as I helped her through the fine points of being the class. Many hours of working through her spec, spells, and the like.

She was one of those people who, upon hearing her voice on vent, could tell if she was smiling. Her energy was infectious. We often talked about meeting up one day, since her and her husband have family just a few minutes away from where Lum and I live. It was easy to imagine the four of us sitting in a bar, being too loud, and talking WoW all night.

She was a fighter and a firecracker. There is a void in the world with her star dim. But those who love her can rest because she is free from pain.

Good bye my dear friend.