Monday, April 27

Campers are People, too!

So this Noblegarden stuff has some people on edge. I had a guildie say in gchat, all caps, something about egg campers. Then, two more people share his sentiments.

There is nothing wrong with camping, and I will tell you why.

First, this is not a real egg hunt. I don't mean to say that because it's all pixel based and that it's a game within a game. I say that because if this was anything close to real life, the eggs wouldn't come back after you picked it up. Nor would we be asked to find random items inside those eggs in order to complete some year long endeavor. In addition, we wouldn't be asked to eat over 100 chocolates only found inside the magically reappearing eggs.

In real life, kids run around to find eggs and eventually the game ends when the adults get bored, the eggs are all gone, or someone loses an eye.

For all those reasons above, I say yes to camping. I had no guilt in running in small little circles back and forth between to eggs, or even sitting between a couple spawns.

I am all for the Lore of things, but don't ask me to run around like a lunatic when the rules of the game don't even match up to anything realistic.

Another Weekend of Achievments

Despite being ill this weekend, I managed to get some achievements done.

First, after many many hours of fishing, I finally got my sea turtle. He's so cute! While I was fishing him up, I got a dark herring which counted towards the Salty title. Next, worked on some AT stuff to get not only Exalted Champ of Thunderbluff, but Silvermoon as well which finished out Ambassador of the Horde. In between all that, Noblegarden started on Sunday and I spent an ungodly amount of time hunting the same two eggs it seemed to get the title "Noble".

Like I said, I'm sick and it's my birthday today, so happy hunting everyone :) Will see you later this week.

Friday, April 24

Lifebloom and Mana

I will admit I discounted lifebloom during the PTR because of the heavy cost hit and all the cries of the sky falling made me overlook one key thing they did to Lifebloom.

It refunds mana upon bloom. This is significant since they reduced our OFSR regen. It accounted for 15 percent of my overall mana gain last night in our 10 man, and probably would have been more had I not figured it out halfway through the night.

I recently learned that Nourish is only affected by 1 stack of Lifebloom, so rolling it still doesn't work as well anymore, but keeping it going on a tank (or whomever your constant damage soaker is) and then tossing it around to say, folks who are going to be hit by a Gravity Bomb seems to work out nicely. And, if I let it drop on the tank for whatever reason (like when I need the burst heal) that's more mana gain, since the return is higher with more stacks.

It works out that if you throw on stack on a player, the difference in the cost ends up being cheaper than it was pre 3.1. That's with the 2p t7 bonus.

I haven't seen mana issues on 10 man too much. I think I used a couple pots and Innervated a couple times the whole night (both times were after a battle rez). Helped that I had the resto shaman in my group for the mana totem. 25 man, it's too hard to gauge yet though I imagine it will be a chore to keep the blue bar from going to zero the more we progress.

I am at a difficult spot now. I'd like to drop the mana restore meta gem in my helm in favor of the spell power/int one, but the gem also accounted for around 15 percent mana gain.


With the new Nourish set up, I opted to add a little more haste in my gear and switched my trinkets. Before I was using the Spirit-World Glass and the Majestic Dragon Figuring, both of which added spirit boosts. These worked out well pre Uldar because of the high regen I had and the utility to toss (glyphed)Innervates to others while still getting a benefit.

After some mediocre testing in Dalaran with Embrace of the Spider (98 spellpower, chance to gain 505 haste) and The Egg of Mortal Essence (same stats) I can keep a constant flow of extra haste to boost Nourish. They also can proc at the same time (Hello 1356/41% haste)... Yum.

I may drop these later for the 100 spirit 48 reduction in spell cost trinket out of 10 man Uldar, but in the meantime, I am liking the set up I have.

Saturday, April 18


Granted my experience in Uldar is very, very limited, but I have to say something about the new style of healing.

My old playstyle was Hots, more hots, regrowth (or rejuv as needed) folks in the raid. It worked well for me.

A couple things with this patch I already enjoy:

The new Living Seed. Before, if you crit, the seed would only amount to the actual healing done, no overheal. Typcially, it would amount to 3 percent of my healing, MAYBE 5 percent on fights like Sartharion or Malygos.

Now, it did 10 percent of my healing with myself being part of the Main Tank healing crew. This is a huge increase to healing. What was the change? The seed counts overhealing. Average seed healing was around 2.5k with a max of over 5k. More testing needs to be done, but I am already very happy with this development.

The changes to Nourish. Well, the spell itself didn't really change, but adding it to the crit talent which already benefited Regrowth is rather nice. I don't have the glyph yet, and perhaps I won't for a while. (It's glyphed, and its even better than good)

Again, MT Healing, I saw a 46 percent crit rate on Nourish which is substantial. It's not nearly as imbalanced as the 75 percent crit rate old Regrowth had, but I don't mind. My playstyle was already suited for this new change, I am just changing one direct spell for another.

I had to drop Nature's Grace for my resto build. They changed it to where Crits now provide a haste bonus for 3 seconds. That is just not a long enough time for me. I may pick it back up at a later date, but for now I placed those points into reduction in mana cost for Nourish.

Overall, even without the glyph, I am seeing a great improvement on my healing. Mana isn't an issue yet, but we are still learning the fights and it's hard to gauge mana consumption on wipes.

While I may have freaked out in the past about losing my OP regrowth, I am surprised at how easily I slipped into the Nourish direct healing style. A large part of that may be due to my lack of Lifebloom spamming prior, another part may be due to the fact that I already leaned toward building around Living Seed and Crits already.

Friday, April 17

So, ya...

my connection sucks. But only at 6pm server time, which lasts for about an hour. We are trying to do Uldar but my boyfriend and I can't seem to stay online for a length of time.

At one point, last night, I said in officer chat "If there were replacements, I'd say kick us. This connection crap is pissing me off." But, we are a little irreplaceable. He plays a tank and I play a healer, and all available players for those roles were already in the raid. At this point, I feel like shit because we already dumped some dps who couldn't stay online, yet the raid has to put up with us. Never mind the typical lag crap from everyone being in the same zone, our issues compounded the problem.

Which got me thinking, why is it always at 6pm? It makes me want to go door to door and ask all my neighbors if they play WoW. Then, if they do, I want to calmly tell them to get offline because I am more important than they are. Somehow, I don't think that would fly.

Needless to say, I got grumpy. And, I have an exam which I'm stressing over. And, silly me, I'm trying to quit smoking. Add all of those up and you get me over vent all snippy.

GL: "Have we gone over healing assignments?"
Me: "Are you in the healing channel?"
GL: "No." (He's a healer)
Me: "Well, I can't ya bro." (Read: I want to smack you cuz I'm freaking out over moronic things so just do me a favor and join the Fing channel)

So, moral of the story, it's never a good idea to point out a flaw in your guild leader in front of the whole raid.

Tuesday, April 14

Patch Day!!

I am so screwed... Real life says "Hey, you are two chapters behind on homework and you have an exam on Friday! You better not be on WoW when you get off work!"

Um, maybe I will be. How about I just fish instead for my new mount? I can calculate correlations while fishing, right?

OK, I can't play and do homework at the same time. However, there are no raids scheduled and I can try to bang out a couple hours worth of homework before logging in.

So, since it's patch day and there's nothing else going on until it's finished...

I recently visited a guildie who had come in from out of town to visit. During the course of conversations, she told me that I have a sickness. I don't feel ill. In fact, I feel pretty good albeit stressed.

I am 69/75 pets toward my little fawn. I will say, in my defense, that I don't have the most pets in the guild. That title goes to our lone Shadow Priest. But, the new tournament will be sucking up my time. Not only will it allow me to finally finish out my City Reps (So close, but so far away), I have a chance to gain 6 more pets.

So yes, that's my sickness. Little non combat pets :)
A small public service message:

When applying to a guild, make sure to read all the directions and answer the questions fully. Things like not linking an armory shows you are a moron.

Also avoid this:
We raid wed/thurs 5-8:30, and Sunday 4-8:30 server time. We ask that members be available for 2 raids per week, can you meet this?

I was told that you raid on Friday and Saturday if those are the days yes i can make raid times

We haven't raided on a Friday since, oh before we raided 25 man content last Feburary. Even if you went to our old recruitment posts from a million years ago, it will say we raid Wed, Thurs, and Sundays. Wtf?

When apping to a guild, make sure to check that you didn't just copy and paste from the previous guild you appd. In fact, don't app to more than one guild at a time. Some guilds just don't like that. Spray and Pray is not your friend.

If you ignored this advice, please make sure all your information is the same. Saying you are 13 to one guild and 16 to another guild is just not kosher.

And, finally, when I send you a tell to follow up on your app, don't reply with "I did app 2 u guys, right?" True story.

Friday, April 10


Blarg I say! Ok, I'm without having coffee first, but get some writing in before the weekend hit me. I have some other writing to do for class, and this will just distract me :)

Another Naxx cleared, and finally the Torch dropped. I'm just happy to see it again. No, I didn't get it because my EPGP was too low, but that's ok. One of our priests got it, and it was well deserved.

Naxx was both rough and smooth. We brought good folks both nights. First night, things were moving at such a good pace and we even made a good attempt at Heroic: And They Would All Go Down Together. Thursday, though, was unusually difficult. Same crew, but lag and DCs plagued us. Thaddius with DCers just means pain, over and over. Even I had my turn at blowing folks up!

So, with that behind us, we are off to get some 10 man achievements done, like The Dedicated Few before Uldar comes out.

Oh, and the uber Moonkin idol didn't drop, but a guildie passed along this info:

We don't want piling up a bunch of emblems now to give a big advantage when a patch launches where someone buys a set of gear from the beginning.

Currently the only items I noticed added to the emblem of valor quartermaster are the relic items that were in Naxx. Examples: Sigil of Awareness, Idol of Awakening, Libram of Resurgence, Totem of Hex, etc. While it is technically "old" gear, the emblems of valor that drop in Ulduar10 will give you access to items that are of the appropriate level to help progress in that dungeon.

The emblems of conquest that drop from Ulduar25 have a new quartermaster and a new set of items that go with it that include necks, belts, gloves, and leg slot items.

I say anything can change because until the patch is live nothing is for sure, but at this point in time the only things we plan to add to the Emblem of Valor Quartermaster are the relic items out of Naxxramas.

With that info in mind, I think I will be spending more emblems toward supplementing my off set.

Tuesday, April 7

I just want new shinies.

I have been waiting to see what kind of idols they will be adding for Uldar, and I must say I've been disappointed so far.

Like a good little druid, I got the Idol of Lush Moss with my badges early into raiding, but it just sits in my bags more often than not. Currently, I use Idol of Reawakening instead. I remember the joy I had for one week with this idol before they changed my 2p t7 bonus.

So, without being able to raid on the PTR all my info is limited to Wowhead/MMO Champ and all I could come up with is this:

Idol of the Corruptor
Binds when picked up
Relic Idol
Requires Level 80
Equip: Your Mangle ability has a chance to grant 153 agility for 12 sec.


Idol of the Crying Wind
Binds when picked up
Relic Idol
Requires Level 80
Equip: Increases the spell power of your Starfire spell by 165.

Both of these look rather tasty, and both drop in 25 man Uldar. Sad panda.

I am really hoping that folks just haven't found any of the idols for Restos. I love my idol, but it would be nice to see what else they have implemented. I almost feel like a DK right now, who also have crap for options on their Sigils.

It's funny, in a sad way, because I logged in my boyfriend's account to make gbank flasks and discovered he has 7 (!!) Librams in his bags... and he has a use for all of them at some point. WTF.

Slightly different topic...

Last week we made our raids Non EPGP and invited alts. The next time someone says we should do loot based on rolls I will personally smack them and call them Nancy. Keeping track of that much loot for all those people sucked balls and I don't want to do it again for a long, long, LONG time.

I had a blast bringing in my Disc priest, though. Naxx lately has been a snoozefest unless we go short on healers or something. I have been itching to bring my priest and I must say, while no one quite appreciates the bubbles I got satisfaction out watching them fly. Then, the server puked on Thursday and Northrend was down for a long ass time. Needless to say we had a wipe and we were stuck, leaving us to finish up Naxx a little slower than usual.

I was really afraid that because I was bringing in an alt the Torch was going to drop. Considering that we have only seen it once and that was like two or three months ago made me really concerned that it was due to drop... when my Main wasn't there.

Sure, there will be other weapons in Uldar and the one I am using doesn't suck (I have like 4 weapons in my bags, I just use the Fist Weapon for looks to be honest).

Luckily for me it didn't drop. I am sure our healers that brought their mains instead of alts are sad since it would have been free, but pfft to them.

This week I hope two things drop: the Moonkin idol for my off set, and the freaking Torch. Will let you know how that turns out.

Sunday, April 5


Listen, Blizzard. There is not a lack of healers in the game. There is a lack of intelligence instead.

I have a Disc Priest alt. Besides the occasional "Wow, you have two healers?" or "Is Disc Fun?" and "So what are the differences between a druid and a priest?" I get tells like this...

"Healing Nax?"

Seriously, WTF? When did the thoughtful and complete sentence

"Hello. My group is short a healer for and I was wondering if you would be available or spec'd to heal for us?"

get changed to grunts?

Yes, I am talking to you, scrub product of our educational system! Would you walk up to someone and say "Kick?" if you needed someone on your flag football team? NOOO!

So I am done, sick of it. I don't respond well to these tells.

Scrub: "Heals?"
Me: "Sorry, my raid is full on healers. Thanks for asking though."

Also, check where I am before you ask Mr. Dumbass. This feature /who is not new and is freakin simple. /who Kirstimah or /who Ciras will tell you where the hell I am before you ask me to go to some stupid pug of yours that probably will fail anyway.

I don't pretend to be a genius, but I have played a lot of MMO's for over a decade, and there are certain things you do to get folks to do what you want. Being a dipshit won't get you a healer.

Closing WoW

I need to close WoW more often after I am done for the night. Recently my cat walked over my keyboard, apparently, because I found this the next morning:

He's so clever. While I was going through my screenshots of a recent guild event, I noticed the above picture. Not only was my cat trying to hack my account, he took a screenshot of process!

Yes, I am sure it's bad for my monitor to leave things up over night and to not allow the screen saver to run. But some nights, I am just so tired I just leave it.

A typical night goes like this:
Raid for three hours
Sit in Vent's officer channel for an hour or so
Leave the desk and find something else to do before I sleep.

I am getting better though! Now I minimize WoW to check the guild boards, watch something on Hulu, whatever, but I need to learn to shut off the freaking game!

Good thing I have an Authenticator. My cat wouldn't be able to figure that out.

Friday, April 3

Sigh, cooking and fishing

Each time new content is put out or my guild hits the next step in progression means I put in more time at the cooking fire.

While I was out farming for more Glacial Salmon, I checked MMO Champion for any new recipes on the way.

Seems Blizzard has heard the complaints of raiders regarding mage/vendor food not filling their bars in one sitting by adding a new cooked food, Black Jelly. Costing 3 Borean Man O' War, it will Restore 18000 health and 15000 mana over 30 sec. That's a huge boost to the speed of raiding, especially after a wipe.

Now, 3 Jelly Fish may not seem like much. Don't get me wrong here, I am thankful that Northern Spices are not needed to make these, but fishing these is not nearly as fast as other fish. The pools share a spawn with Manta Rays, which slows things down a bit. On top of shared pools, there is also the occasional box or crystalized water thrown in, and before you know it fishing these drags on and on. At least, it feels like it to me.

I hope it will be worth it. I have no noticed if they had added a new rank of mage food, but I wouldn't put it past Blizz to add something last minute after I have fished up 200 of the wiggly suckers.

Thursday, April 2

Blogs, Patches and Jokes

Several weeks ago, my favorite blog Resto4life closed its doors. This blog has been the most successful and informative blog for druids. The owner recently discovered she was pregnant so she had to make the tough choice and stopped her blog. In response, Blizzard has given her an item with her name. Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed will be something I am going after, if anything for vanity.

Many other blogs have stepped up to fill her shoes and I plan to keep commenting on the things I read.
The latest patch can not come soon enough. I finally got my offset enchanted last night, so my hit rating and haste are up to par despite my 10 man gear. I don't plan to actually raid with my off set, though. I mean, I am one of two resto druids with many other folks able to dps. "Kir, we have too many hots, can you switch to Boomkin for this?" Not likely. Knowing things will change is the hardest part for me right now. I am so used to doing dailies at a crawling pace, now I do them thinking "If only I could switch to boomkin I'd be done by now." Kudos to those folks who regularly switch specs when they want or need to for I am too cheap (or stubborn) to keep that up.

I haven't spent a great deal of epgp on upgrading my offset like others have. Granted, some folks want to make their offset a tank set, so I totally don't blame them. In fact, I can't blame anyone for spending their points for their offsets. It's not that I'm hoarding my points it's just that I see my offset for dungeons and dailies instead; I don't see it going further.
Some time ago, I broke down and got 4 pieces of t7 for the set bonus to Nourish. Several blogs and players have confirmed that after 3.1 a glyph, bonused Nourish will be our best single target heal. Coupled with the nerf to lifebloom (more on that later), it seems for a while we will be moving away from proactive healing to reactive healing. Nourish in its current state still lags behind a Glyphed Regrowth as far as output is concerned so I haven't used four piece yet.

So, I am probably going to drop my Regrowth glyph for the Nourish one. Some druids are recommending Glyph of Rejuv once you get your 4 piece t8 but I have to wait and see on that one. I have never liked the Rejuv glyph and having a set bonus probably won't change that. Besides, I love my Innervate glyph to much.

Lifebloom... I explored that a bit on my guild's druid forum. After 3.0 I stopped using Lifebloom as a multi-tank hot which the more I read about this lifebloom change makes me feel like I was in the minority. Sure, I roll Lifebloom but its entirely situational (Patchwerk for example). The other reason I don't rely on Lifebloom like I did in Burning Crusade is to maintain healing assignments. Our guild has an insane amount of healers and folks like to know they can hold their own on the targets they are supposed to heal. Finally, regrowth is much more efficient for me to toss than Lifebloom. Overall, this change won't affect me a great deal when it's all said and done. I feel bad for those druids who relied on lifebloom heavily. I've talked with someone who has a druid alt and they don't want to give up their playstyle.

And now, jokes... For April Fool's Day, I went to the American WoW website to check in my annual April Fool's Joke but it was not there! I didn't realize how I've come to look forward to it each year. Of course, nothing in my mind will top the first one (believe that was Ogres as a playable race). Yes, they have become predictable and silly (tin foil hat, anyone?) but they were fun and creative.

Trolling the forums led me to the Euro site which featured *drum roll* Pimp Yo' Mount! Yay! It was silly, kinda lame, but it made me smile anyway.

Off to do dailies and try to squelch the feeling that I could be going faster...

Yay! Brand New Blog

This is the first post of my new blog!

A little about me, first. I play a resto druid and have been for about four years. I have raided as resto and feral, though I recently went back to resto last summer.

I started a blog through my guild's website (insert shameless plug but recently decided to publish my thoughts a little more publicly *gasp*

There are tons of bloggers out there for resto druids and because of that, I don't anticipate that I will add something new and insightful just the occasional rant and thoughts on what is currently in the druid community. I will slowly add some thoughts I posted in my other blog but not all since they are mostly out of date by now.

Between college, raids and just plain old real life, I hope to be here more than once a month especially when the 3.1 patch hits. The posts will be resto flavoured though I may add some moonkin thoughts here and there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to either see you in game or out here!