Monday, April 27

Campers are People, too!

So this Noblegarden stuff has some people on edge. I had a guildie say in gchat, all caps, something about egg campers. Then, two more people share his sentiments.

There is nothing wrong with camping, and I will tell you why.

First, this is not a real egg hunt. I don't mean to say that because it's all pixel based and that it's a game within a game. I say that because if this was anything close to real life, the eggs wouldn't come back after you picked it up. Nor would we be asked to find random items inside those eggs in order to complete some year long endeavor. In addition, we wouldn't be asked to eat over 100 chocolates only found inside the magically reappearing eggs.

In real life, kids run around to find eggs and eventually the game ends when the adults get bored, the eggs are all gone, or someone loses an eye.

For all those reasons above, I say yes to camping. I had no guilt in running in small little circles back and forth between to eggs, or even sitting between a couple spawns.

I am all for the Lore of things, but don't ask me to run around like a lunatic when the rules of the game don't even match up to anything realistic.

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