Monday, May 11

Monday, Monday

I wouldn't say I am a min/max-er in the strictest sense. I do see what is an upgrade and weigh it against my current gear- not just piece by piece but if it upsets the over all balance. This was much worse when I was a tank. Literally one new piece had me scrambling to regem everything I had.

I do check out Wowheroes and Be Imba and downloaded Rawr. Often it starts out innocently: I check out what I have, what I could be getting etc, but then move to checking out everyone else is wearing and what they could be wearing. I get a little obsessive.

Rawr is fun, and like everything else, I take it with a grain of salt. When it tells me to gem a certain way or use a certain item, I use my head and not blindly follow it. In addition, sometimes the upgrades are only a few points different which doesn't seem like an upgrade. Now, if it scaled to being a few hundred points different, then it has my attention.

I do wish I had the purified twilight opal pattern and spent a good hour running in a little circle killing mobs hoping it would drop. Lame? Yes, since it's a BoE world drop. The other motivation was to get 10k gold looted. Apparently, I am number 3 in the guild for achievement points and while I didn't care before, someone is looking to take my spot and I can't help but to get competitive. He will eventually out-do me; I am not interested in the drake obtained from the World Event achievements.

Ulduar (I think I spelling it right, for once) is still fun and a little frustrating. I got invited to a coolkids channel, which at times is entertaining and other times is a healing meter-fest. It's kinda funny actually, watching folks compare how they are doing fight by fight. Ranting, ahh ranting. I died early on a boss fight and typed out nasty curse words in all caps in the channel, then blamed it on the sourpuss :) What is nice to see is how those friends can keep in touch during the raid without bugging others. Is it a clique? Probably. I am usually very mindful of the Officer hat I have to wear, and generally will not say things that will compromise it. Except regarding certain folks, and even then I don't mention names. Like, what I am doing right now. Right now, there is a certain raider that has now gotten the reputation of another raider and its not flattering for either of them. What kind of reputation? Well, being as useful as a rock, maybe.

I love my guild mates, I love my guild mates, I love my guild mates. This was my mantra yesterday, healing VH on my priest. Seriously, I wanted to shoot them. (It didn't help that my connection went to shit again and I DCd or lagged a bunch of times. That is not a dungeon you want your healer to be craping out on you. Think we had to start it over 4 times.) One of members kept saying stuff like "You should put your DnD over here to start." or "When I play my deathknight, I tank it like this.." What? I have never seen him play a deathknight. And, even if he has one, where does he find the time to tank? Our tank actually has been tanking for the little 10 man Naxxs that are run, but this know-it-all? He has a tank but not a DK tank. Two totally different ways to play. All night I had to hear about what the tank needed to be doing, what the mage needed to be doing, what the elem shaman needed to be doing. Thank gods he doesn't have the balls to tell me what I should be doing. Towards the end of the run, I turned the volume down on my headset and all became much more enjoyable.

Regarding this know-it-all again, I heard a funny story of him tanking in AN with one of our pally casuals. He said to the casual "I eat the pound because I know Ongora will heal through it." What a freaking douche. /shakes head and sighs I really really hope I was never like that when I tanked. Every time a tank runs out of LoS or eats breath or does anything in anyway to make the healer's life more suck, I think back to my tank days and pray that I was never like that.

I have this odd reputation of being a great healer. What this really means is I'm a sucker and will heal these mor--- Sorry, poor souls through instances when others wont. Sure, I am good at what I do, and there are times where I am not so good. I always seem to kill our raiding MT in a 5 man, and I am not entirely sure why that happens.

I hope folks called their moms for Mother's Day or what ever you do during the holiday.

3 more weeks left in the term and gods, summer can not come soon enough.

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