Monday, June 1

Healing Hodir and Iron Council

These two fights are about as easy as they come for me. I don't have to worry about the tank eating an eleven-ty gazzillion hit that may or may not be interrupted. I don't have to worry about the dps too much. All I have to do is roll hots and win the imaginary healing meter game.

First up, Iron Council. I have been lucky to only raid heal for this on 25 man but I have tank healed for 10 man. Here is a typical set of spells as the pull goes off.

Before MD is in: Regrowth, Rejuv, 3 stacks of Lifebloom on MT.

After MD is in: WG a stack of people, begin rejuving everyone on my grid list. WG as soon as its up. Possible swiftmend for those oh crap moments. Repeat.

That's all. I am pretty sure some healer is probably helping because, honestly, it takes me a little while to catch everyone with rejuv. The WG catches those folks I am trying to get to. So far, my system works rather well. Lag is my only problem here. If I lag behind even a little bit, the hots fall behind and my grid starts falling like dominoes.

Hodir took a number of trial and errors. Originally, I used a combination of regrowth, rejuv and nourish to try to keep everyone alive. This probably would have worked had I stuck with it, but I was not happy with the results. Sometimes, with all the ranged standing on the fires, that is the last place I want to be because of ice falling.

I recently got the new Nourish idol, and that same night someone whispered me "Oh, you are MT healing for Hodir, will be nice to use the idol." I replied "Nope. Still going to use Rejuv more than Nourish." Regardless of if I am helping heal the main tank or just concentrate on my group, here is how it goes:

First, I try to manipulate it so melee are in my group. I am evil like that. I hope the shamans don't catch on.

Same as IC, I load the MT with hots before the pull. Once the pull is made, my constant moving begins. I hit everyone in my group with rejuv, even if they aren't taking damage. With revitalize, it's not going to waste. Eventually, someone in my group will get hit with Ice so having the hots on them is proactive. I hit WG every so often to catch the MT and/or other melee.

As soon as frozen blows are announced, I toss lifebloom to everyone in my group. Frozen blows lasts around 10 to 12 seconds (last I checked, I could be wrong) so the bloom hits them in the middle of things giving me time to refresh rejuv, toss WG and swiftmend (to those needed).

Provided no one in my group is caught in ice, this plan works 99 percent of the time. Between revitalize and blooms, I have yet to need to innervate or use a pot despite the constant healing.

If I am healing the MT in all this, much is the same though I do stop moving a little more often to refresh regrowth and toss nourish on the MT. I have only been on MT duty once for this fight so I still have some tweaking to do.

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