Saturday, June 27

3.2 PTR Tradeskilling

More information is coming out in regards to the changes 3.2 will impose on tradeskillers. Of note is the transmutes Alchemists can do for the epic gems.

* Epic Gems transmutations now have a 20 hours cooldown.
* Transmute: Ametrine now requires 1 x Monarch Topaz and 1 x Eternal Shadow
* Transmute: Cardinal Ruby now requires 1 x Scarlet Ruby and 1 x Eternal Fire
* Transmute: Dreadstone now requires 1 x Twilight Opal and 1 x Eternal Shadow
* Transmute: Eye of Zul now requires 3 x Eternal Life
* Transmute: King's Amber now requires 1 x Autumn's Glow and 1 x Eternal Life
* Transmute: Majestic Zircon now requires 1 x Sky Sapphire and 1 x Eternal Air

(Edit on 6.29)

Everything is subject to change, as it seems to change often. I had much different information going from Saturday into Monday.

I had a whole though process going on the gems, as at first it seemed they were placing things more heavily on the Sky Sapphires and Forest Emeralds, but now things are more spread out. Almost all the Eternals seemed to be used and more gems used for the transmutes. Looks like my engi will be pimped out for crystalized extraction.

In addition to these proposed changes, some servers are seeing a spike on the prices of the lower quality gems, presumably for folks stocking up on Icy Prisms. The return on Icy Prisms far outstrips the return on prospecting Saronite if you are looking for Rare quality gems.

As for the new way to get Tokens, Titanium Powder, the results are looking rare so far.

Per Insider Trader:
Timothy Jones, your friendly neighborhood trainer and merchant will soon offer a quest entitled Titanium Powder. This is repeatable, and not a daily. Ten Titanium Powder can be exchanged for 1 Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token, but as you can see, acquiring enough powder may take you awhile:

* Out of 12 Prospects (60 ore), Kaliope of the Crafter's Tome prospected only 10 powder, enough for one token. That's about 0.83 dust per prospect, although this is a small sample size.
* Ranjurm posted on the Elitist Jerks forums that out of 564 prospects (2820 ore), 417 powder was gained. That's about 0.74 dust per prospect (5 ore).

Some folks are doing some serious testing on the PTR. Out of 940 Titanium ore (geez that's a lot), here are the results of one tester:


7 Kings Amber12 Eyes of Zul6 Cardinal Ruby9 Majestic Zircon10 Dreadstone5 Ametrine
10 Autumn's Glow8 Forest Emeralds3 Scarlet Ruby8 Sky Sapphires5 Twilight Opals13 Monarch Topaz
62 Sun Crystals42 Dark Jades42 Bloodstone39 Chalcedony45 Shadow Crystal 52 Huge Citrine

Also, a total of 139 Titanium Powder.

This ends up being a rather low percentage of mats yielded (only about 5 percent of the total ore was epic gems). Given the amount of farmers looking for titanium for their own mats or to sell in the AH, we shall see if many of these will end up on the market. Probably will be best to buddy up with an Alchemist in order to get the gems you need.

Seems the new patterns will be purchasable through tokens, just when I thought it was safe to stop doing those dailies, and there are a boat load of them.

For now, there is no cooldown on the Transmutes, but that may or may not change when things go live. It could very well be off a cooldown in order to promote proper testing.

The tradeskill forums are full of rantings and ravings from the Engineering community.

On the PTR, you will not need the goggles to track the clouds and only will need the zapper in your inventory. This is great, as many folks ditched their goggles for better gear. However, wouldn't it be neat to actually make upgraded goggles instead? I have to go with some in the community when they say Ulduar should have been the time when Engineers got a chance at some upgraded patterns. Almost all the other tradeskills got something nifty out of Ulduar (except Jewelcrafting, which I am fine with since I am missing some world drop patterns still) and many of them are BiS, I see no problems with making goggles a potential BiS for those who wish to obtain them.

Potion Injectors now increase the amount gained by 25% when used by engineers. Quantity produced by recipes for Runic Healing and Mana Injectors has been increased.

This is supposed to compensate for the fact that potions will now stack to 20 regardless. I actually use injectors on both my level 80s, though only one of them is actually an engineer. I suspect the potion change is really for pvpers and those who regularly use Potion of Wild Magic, Potion of Speed and other potions in lieu of mana or health. With the changes to mana regen, it is hard to say if the viablity of Mana Potions will increase or not.

Moll-E will have a reduced cooldown to compensate for the changes they made to the upgraded Argent Squire. Yes, your little whipping boy will run errands for you including a mailbox and a vendor. While I thought the mailbox was super cool in the beginning of the expansion, I think the squire will dwarf it. I am, however, still grateful to the engineers that do drop a mailbox during a raid :)

They changed the transporter devices to be used from the inventory, much in the same way they changed the Jumper cables several patches ago (CLEAR!), but the sad thing is, they did not add a teleporter in Northrend. K3 seems to make the most sense (close to Dalaran, close to Ulduar and ultimately the instances in Icecrown) but instead, you can buy a tabbard that teleports you the AT area.

It's hard not to be on board with the Engineering community when they say they feel shafted. Some small changes are being debated (haste for gloves for those who wish to forgo the spell power enchantment), but overall what is seriously lacking with the tradeskill is the sense of fun it had in the older days of WoW. I mean, it was kinda funny to use the shrink ray, only to have the whole group get zapped instead! Some risk with the reward was nice.

Of course, everything is still in the testing stages so I may post more later as things come down the pipeline.

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