Friday, September 4

Grow a Pair

People come and go in a guild. It's to be expected and happen over anything.

But it is how you leave the guild that is really telling.

Of course, for many, it is uncomfortable. There may be people in the guild that you connected to but outside of that it is no longer fun or possible to stay with the rest of the members.

I've left some guilds in a really bad way and others I have left in a quiet manner-in tells- to try to reduced the drama. I may not have been entirely honest at times, but I tried to not string people along.

Unlike some others.

This morning, one of the officers gets an in game mail that someone in the guild was hacked. The author of the letter was an RL friend of hacked person. The hacked person was an officer.

So, we thought it was strange that the hacked person didn't wipe our bank. And, server transfer two level 80s. Ok, it's happened before, but a hacker would be nuts to leave a guild bank alone.

As we are in officer vent discussing what happened, I search the Armory to find the characters. Turns out, they joined a guild of an ex member, and look! He's an officer in that guild now. He changed the name of his main, but left his alt intact.

What a coincidence.

To be hacked, join a guild filled with names I know, and be an officer of that guild is just amazing!

I'm bitter. As much as I want to give this person the benefit of the doubt, too many things click.

So, assuming the above is true, how spineless is it to leave without warning? To have a friend leave the lame ass message?

If you want to leave, just be honest and say something. Even if it's because you can't stand the people or how they do things. You don't have to be tactless; say something courteous and polite.

Don't be a spineless weasel.

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Anonymous said...

its more amusing that they would pay to change their toons name to avoid the confrontation...
Even when I thought I left guilds well It didn't end up that way.

You haven't lost a good officer if they were unable to even talk to his fellow officers about why he was leaving.