Tuesday, January 19

I want to tweak my spec

Disclaimer: Rambling Inc!

After spending a good number of weeks with the CF spec, I miss some things from my lovely old spec. The problem is, I am afraid to make any changes.

We have just one consistent member of each of these classes: Boomkin, Elem Shaman, and Retadin. Because at any time one of these members could take the night off, I am concerned that if I drop CF I will regret it.

My haste is ridiculous right now at 843. I was happily cruising along at 730-750 then I got a string of upgrades that happen to have haste on them. The consolation I have with this number is A) If my haste suppliers start to drop like flies, I won't be hurting that badly and B) any crit upgrades that drop I will be more likely to grab as I will have a buffer of haste rating.

I am still on my crusade against tier gear, so that gear won't be considered. I am saving my badges for some of the vendor gear, but I need to revisit my wishlist and see if there are any changes to make.

So, it's down to spec. I miss living seed and doubt the usefulness of replenish. This was a hard choice to make in the beginning of 3.3 because I knew the dps was going to be hard pressed and wanted to do my part in keeping our guild strong. Then I saw the raid damage going around and wonder if I should revisit this line of thinking. The only classes I see getting the most out of it is our DKs and with some discussion, I am told that they wouldn't miss it that much.

Looking at the top druids on my server provide little in the way of guidance. One dropped Living Seed, Replenish, and a point into Nature's Bounty for Empowered Touch and Tranquil Spirit. Another one dropped Tranquil Spirit for Living Seed. Oh, and that many of them aren't even resto as a main spec (with higher "gearscores" /sob You are right Anti, it is an evil word).

This is probably a time when cookie-cutter would be nice right now. As it is, we druids are so free to do what we wish with our specs that even someone who's been at this a long time is having to think hard about choices. I can't even imagine what it's like for a newbie.

Think replenish has to go. It's spotty right now, I think, just looking at the data from the last few raids. Some folks get hit it, some folks don't. What to replace those points? Well, I still too scared to drop CF...

Empowered Touch: for two points I can get a boost to my nourish which I am seeing some potential for usage (Festergut sticks out most in my mind). WG+Nourish or Rejuv+Nourish are some examples.

Tranquil Spirit: I don't see anyone with full points in this anymore, but perhaps an extra point may offset any mana issues.

Living Seed: I am embarrassed to admit that I use regrowth probably far too often. My crit is also very freaking low with all the haste stacking but maybe I can see some mileage out of this talent.

Think I am going with Living Seed. I am not "tank" healing enough to warrant buffing Nourish, despite the above mentioned combos. See how it goes for a week or so before reconsidering adjustments.

How about you? Dropped CF yet, and if so, what did you pick back up?

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Anonymous said...

I have not dropped CF yet, and before I got an OH drop from Council last night I was only sitting at 709 haste.

Right now I'm feeling a little bit ambivelent one way or the other about keeping/dropping the 18/0/53 spec. So I suppose I will just wait and see what happens! :)