Saturday, January 9

New year, new term, still crazy.

Another term starts and my crazy world starts up again. This time, I resolve to keep posting a bit more regularly than last term (Nothing for three months, bad tree!). Taking the advice of other bloggers, I keep drafts saved and while on raids I make notes of things that amuse or strike me. My poor guild, the unwitting subjects of my blog fodder, I mean insightful commentary!

With two terms left before my transfer degree is finished, I am trying to squeeze in the last of my required courses. No room for failure, I get these done or I am stuck longer than I wish to be.

One thing on my side is that half of my classes are online (Driving in Oregon rain at 7 am is not my thing) so I hope to use the blog as needed distraction from staring at sculptures and charts.

Of course, the curve ball thrown into this is my job. I am given more responsibility there and have added projects. I shudder at the thought of what will happen to me when I start full practicum work.

Anyway, just giving a heads up to you all, and to put into words some goals for myself. Can't take it back if I publish it, right?

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