Thursday, July 8

Team Edward and mass rezing.

(First off, I know I haven't been active here. Let's just say that I had to move to a new city 2 hours away from where school was and finish finals at the same time. It's over and done with now, whew! Now, for some furious blogging in effort to catch up.)

I am totally outing this idea, but I won't share who thought it up. Say your guild is doing Ruby Sanctum. The laser beam thing is called Twilight Cutter. Now let's say your guild has a rank called "Team Edward" where those who fail to laser beams get sent to. I love this idea and can't wait to see it implemented! Of course, one of our officers is not happy about this idea since as a standing in place healer, he has issues in the twilight. Great time to be a tree!

LK dead on ten man, working on LK for 25 man (baby steps!) and RS was down the first day. It's a shame that Tirion, while being a paladin and has an OP mass rez, couldn't call Jaina to port the freaking raid out of the throne room. Dropped the ball there Alliance.

Now that I have gotten some fluffy stuff of the way, time to get the serious writing done.

Kids, don't let your friends be on Team Edward.

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