Wednesday, October 13

4 hours of sleep.

Let me first off say that I normally go to bed at 9:00 pm. Last night I went to bed at 2:00 am (ish). Largely this is due to our friend who came over for dinner with the knowledge that the patch wasn't going to be done until 5 o'clock anyway. Seeing no point of rushing to log in we decided: bitching about the patch over a lovely meal > bitching about the patch while dealing with the whole server at once.

Then I promptly went online and the next thing I know, it's past midnight.

I didn't sleep in and figured I would take a nap later today. So, as I write this, I've had about 4 hours of sleep. You'd think it was expansion day or something!

Addon Pain

As with every major patch of this scale, your add ons will suck.

Of course, I totally forgot to fix a major one before doing some heroics and was not happy!

If you can't find the latest Grid you can download it here. It is Ace3 dependent which you can download here.

(Last night the other places like Curse and WoWinterface were not up to date. This probably has changed since this morning)

The new raid UI works very similarly to Grid and is found in the interface options. I sadly am so used to a third party raid window that the only way I would move away from Grid is to get Vuhdo.

I realized this morning that I miss Lifebloomer. I have dot timer but it's not the same as having things in one clean window. If someone knows of a replacement, I would love to know.

Had to update x-perl in order to get that eclipse bar to show on my screen.

WoWInterface posted a list of their updated add ons but there are still some issues.

Ahh remember Vanilla? I do and am amazed at how dependant on mods I have become. For perspective, I am reminded of Dark Legacy Comics. I'm a good healer!


Ciras enjoyed her new Barrier goodie but I haven't had the time or chance to really flesh out the new stuff like Archangel. Figure the time will eventually come but she is low on the priority list.

Helaina, my lock, however is semi raiding with some other alts from the guild and so I really worked on her late last night. I am disappointed with my Affliction numbers and begrudgingly went to Destro. On the test dummy, it pulled higher numbers for sure. Just when affliction looked like it was holding it's own, things go back down again for them. We shall see; I've been affliction for four years (even when it sucked, I refused to balk) and watching dots is like watching hots for me.

Could very well be gear since she is rather new to 80 and still has some blues (I know!)

Please be kind to your tanks (or Faceroll vs Finesse)

I know it will be hard to keep all those crits and new toys at bay, but if you want to keep tanks around for Cata, for the love of Elune please remember they will have a learning curve. Lum was struggling to keep his threat up and hold all the mobs like he used to in a five man. In his words regarding our up and coming raid tonight "Dps are going to die. Lots." I really don't want to have the dps feel like the healers are just going to save them when they pull agro. Even though we probably can and will, that is not the point and never has been. Wrath has made a lot of things one big faceroll and I would like to see a bit more finesse.

Hmm, getting tired. Maybe it's nap time now?

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Simon said...

Aye deff Druid tanks are having a bit of an AE issue now that Swipe is on a 6sec cd and they don't have any other attack that hits more than two mobs.. Thorns is a big friend for tanks tho...

It took me the whole evening to get my addons sorted (and I have like 3-4) I'm hoping I can raid a bit this evening