Saturday, January 8

Things heard around the guild

Still working out my tank set while we made a trial run at some of the raid bosses this week. Looks like I will have my work cut out for me trying to keep a tank and healing set optimal! In the meantime, some stuff seemed so random from people lately, I had to write it down for blog fodder.


Luminas: I want him for a pet
Gel: I want him for a hat


Greybow: Does he get you preggers?

RL explains the worms and how they multiply

Greybow and Lum collectively: Yep, he does. (giant penis)


Lum gets a new set of leggings for his healing set.

Lum: Yay, new legs!
Me: Lt. Dan! You got new legs!!

In hindsight, the rum n coke plus late night heroics made this much more funny.

Anti's new sig

Karuken: Herbs do not fear.
Karuken: Herbs do not run.
Karuken: They accept what is life.
Antithesis: /sings
Antithesis: "What is life? Baby don't herb me. Don't herb me. No more."

We start our first round of real raids soon, so I hope to have something more substantial to write about. Been busy with other things (like gearing and reading the forums) so forgive the fluff posts :P

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