Saturday, April 18


Granted my experience in Uldar is very, very limited, but I have to say something about the new style of healing.

My old playstyle was Hots, more hots, regrowth (or rejuv as needed) folks in the raid. It worked well for me.

A couple things with this patch I already enjoy:

The new Living Seed. Before, if you crit, the seed would only amount to the actual healing done, no overheal. Typcially, it would amount to 3 percent of my healing, MAYBE 5 percent on fights like Sartharion or Malygos.

Now, it did 10 percent of my healing with myself being part of the Main Tank healing crew. This is a huge increase to healing. What was the change? The seed counts overhealing. Average seed healing was around 2.5k with a max of over 5k. More testing needs to be done, but I am already very happy with this development.

The changes to Nourish. Well, the spell itself didn't really change, but adding it to the crit talent which already benefited Regrowth is rather nice. I don't have the glyph yet, and perhaps I won't for a while. (It's glyphed, and its even better than good)

Again, MT Healing, I saw a 46 percent crit rate on Nourish which is substantial. It's not nearly as imbalanced as the 75 percent crit rate old Regrowth had, but I don't mind. My playstyle was already suited for this new change, I am just changing one direct spell for another.

I had to drop Nature's Grace for my resto build. They changed it to where Crits now provide a haste bonus for 3 seconds. That is just not a long enough time for me. I may pick it back up at a later date, but for now I placed those points into reduction in mana cost for Nourish.

Overall, even without the glyph, I am seeing a great improvement on my healing. Mana isn't an issue yet, but we are still learning the fights and it's hard to gauge mana consumption on wipes.

While I may have freaked out in the past about losing my OP regrowth, I am surprised at how easily I slipped into the Nourish direct healing style. A large part of that may be due to my lack of Lifebloom spamming prior, another part may be due to the fact that I already leaned toward building around Living Seed and Crits already.

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