Friday, April 17

So, ya...

my connection sucks. But only at 6pm server time, which lasts for about an hour. We are trying to do Uldar but my boyfriend and I can't seem to stay online for a length of time.

At one point, last night, I said in officer chat "If there were replacements, I'd say kick us. This connection crap is pissing me off." But, we are a little irreplaceable. He plays a tank and I play a healer, and all available players for those roles were already in the raid. At this point, I feel like shit because we already dumped some dps who couldn't stay online, yet the raid has to put up with us. Never mind the typical lag crap from everyone being in the same zone, our issues compounded the problem.

Which got me thinking, why is it always at 6pm? It makes me want to go door to door and ask all my neighbors if they play WoW. Then, if they do, I want to calmly tell them to get offline because I am more important than they are. Somehow, I don't think that would fly.

Needless to say, I got grumpy. And, I have an exam which I'm stressing over. And, silly me, I'm trying to quit smoking. Add all of those up and you get me over vent all snippy.

GL: "Have we gone over healing assignments?"
Me: "Are you in the healing channel?"
GL: "No." (He's a healer)
Me: "Well, I can't ya bro." (Read: I want to smack you cuz I'm freaking out over moronic things so just do me a favor and join the Fing channel)

So, moral of the story, it's never a good idea to point out a flaw in your guild leader in front of the whole raid.

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