Tuesday, June 16

I never thought it would happen...

But I actually went on a raid as a boomkin. We had 8 healers signed up and since we only need to run with 7, the officers were deciding what to do. Alindy (and sometimes Heal Leader) suggested one of the shaman go elem. I half jokingly replied back "Boomkin!" which was immediately approved.

I can't say I was upset at all. I have been getting the DPS itch lately, which has led me to leveling my warlock again (never mind that affliction is viable again, which makes me happy). But to be considered for dps on a raid made me surprised. Granted, my dps is no where close to what it should be, but we all know moonkin provide a number of raid utilities which help everyone else. From the Earth and Moon to Imp Fairy Fire (with 3 percent hit should Rizzoe not be around) and of course the crit buff.

Ulduar is murder on me though. I am not with a Solar rotation, so I prefer to stand in one place and nuke the hell out of things with Starfire. Fights like Hodir just blow.

Regardless, the raid might be seeing more feathers than leaves should we run into a similar situation again.

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