Tuesday, June 16


I swear to the gods that there is more QQ going on than usual.

Some folks don't like our strats for bosses. They either mention this in a tell, separate channel or out openly for all the raid to see.

After a while I just got so sick and tired of the complaining, I made a post on our forums in an effort to make the communication more civil and constructive.

I really need to stop doing that though. Every time I make a post to the guild to remind them of things or inform them of how the officers feel about certain subjects, raiders get the "shoot the messenger" syndrome and I am the target.

Example? A conversation involving one of our smart players saying they will "just shut up." That is entirely what we DON'T want people to do. Instead, how about channeling your ideas and energy back to the forums so you aren't feeling frustrated that you aren't being heard, huh?

Another more recent example: in a separate, private channel, a couple people keeping mentioning that they thought of strats weeks before the raid leaders decided to go with them. I didn't know half their ideas and the other half are in this closed channel that no one else can see. Do they expect me to relay the information for them, especially before a pull when I have several other things going? I have no idea, but I certainly can see why they are frustrated. My response? "POST IT!" What folks say either get lost or ignored on a raid but if it's posted, people have time to look, digest, make informed opinions on others ideas.

This guild is not just Officers at the top and everyone else are the minions. I feel a little bad that our raiders are so full of smart ideas but would rather keep it to themselves. I know they probably feel like we don't listen to a damned thing they say, but actually we do! But, if they were trying to keep a raid flowing in a small window of time, I doubt they would be willing to listen to 5 different ideas on a strat right before a pull.

So please, don't ever shut up. Find avenues that your officers are most receptive to, unless of course you raid with assholes and retards or megalomaniacs.

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