Friday, June 26

Let us all take a moment to reflect...

Last night was going very smoothly... at first. Hodir and Freya were nearly one shotted despite newer folks listening to involved strat explanations. We were in good spirits going into our break.

We come back, only to see we are facing Thorim. I think a lot of hearts sank.

I was elected raid leader for the night (yes, we rotate. No supreme leaders in our guild; we are a nice happy collective bunch). I would have preferred Mimiron instead, but I hadn't studied the 25 man strat and I didn't feel I could "wing it" based on just my 10 man experience.

After a couple wipes, tempers flared. The private channel erupted, O chat exploded, and the raid chat was about to implode. Seeing a melt down on the way, I said over vent:

Arena Team. It sucks. We all know it sucks. Staying outside sucks, staying inside sucks. Let's just take a moment to reflect... on the suckiness.

I meant to say "Let's take a moment to get up, breathe, take a break" but somehow my mouth couldn't stop mentioning how much it sucks.

I admit to failing on gaining control over the boss and the raid. Everyone has an opinion on what should be done, what the problems are and what needs to be done to fix them. The problem comes when the raid leader hears/sees 15 different thoughts on what to do and has to filter them and make a choice on how to go forward. So, I made a couple bad calls and we ended the night with very low spirits.

Time for a change up, a breath of fresh life into the raid. In the meantime, bask in the suckiness.

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