Thursday, June 25

T8 or T9 second look

Rolling Hots Broke down the math and the implications between t8 and t9 sets. Very smart cookie. Basically, Blizz is finding ways to nerf our regen through our gear.

I did find it odd that the socket bonuses for each piece of T9 was more spell power and the bonuses for the pieces are crit based. After reading what we potentially could be losing in the mana regen department, I am now all but given up on the Tier Game.

Yes. I want to take my ball and go home.

In BC, the feral druid set bonus was essential for getting max dps on a raid. For T9, having moonfire dot crits, plus more crit on starfire locks in the Lunar rotation for dps and is seriously worth looking at.

Crits on Rejuv? While I squealed like a little girl on her birthday at the Resto T9 bonus, after reading the stat changes I am not so sure I want to be on board with that. Of course, I am a WoW player and I want the set bonus but I do my job very well right now and I don't regularly run with 2 pieces of T8.

I am another step closer to saying screw it on T8 and try for T9, but now armed with more caution on my stats. My brother is already an Mp5 whore for his resto off set, and while I snickered before, I will be hanging on to my mana regen pieces more tightly now.


Slightly different direction, one of our DPS switched mains to a Holy Pally. This means we have 8 healers now in our rotation and last night I raided Boomkin again. Largely this was due to the THREE (omg) mages that came plus two holy pallies all craving crit. For the sake of boosting raid dps, it was suggested to me to go dps for the night.

Afterward, I panicked. I asked in Officer Vent if I needed to pay attention to my dps set a little more. Typical replies "Play what you want to play" but I actually find healing easier than dps right now. I don't have rotations as a healer (generally; Hodir is an exception), and I am very comfortable with my role as a healer. My dps set is mainly Ulduar 10 man with some 25 man Naxx stuff, so it lags behind many other full time dpsers. Do I care? Certainly. I like to know I am pulling my weight. Thus, I panicked because my dps set needs lots of love in order to make me feel good with it.

Then, the realization hit me. While we have 8 healers in our rotation, sometimes 9, not all of them can play every night. Healer burnout is still a real threat as we push into harder content, on top of real life and its snags. So, my role as a healer will not be going away just because another healer is on the raids. What this does mean is I will have to carefully on work my dps little more.

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