Friday, July 31

Dpsing reduces my IQ

I don't what it is about being a DPSer. See, when I am healing, I stand in strategic places, I am aware of my surroundings and chuckle when others don't move from things like Hurricane.

Yet, when I switch to DPS, all of that intelligence flies out the window. Maybe it's me watching my Squawk and Awe timers and waiting for the tanks to get agro or whatever, but as soon as I change from Bark to Feathers, I end up doing the dumbest things.

Like, last night. How many times I have done the tunnel to Hodir? Plenty, but sure enough I back up a little to spread out from others and I walk straight into a snowpile. Out pops little worms and I say over vent "Damnit." I apologize profusely while continuing to cuss to myself.

Someone suggested to just clear that pile since every night someone runs into it. I was the first to say No, it's better to mock those who ran into it. Then the MT says something about folks not positioning themselves properly only to get thrown up into the snow. I countered with "I wasn't thrown. I walked into it, thank you very much."

Perhaps its the fact that I dps so rarely on a raid that I tend to get a little overloaded with things. Healing is half automatic because I do it so often, whereas DPSing changes how I think about everything. Watching my timers, threat, positioning all matter and all require different skill sets. With more practice I imagine all that would be easier.

Yes, some would argue that DPS is easier than healing. And certainly there are cases where that is true. But, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be able to perform well not matter the role I am in. In addition, it's not like I have never done the fights before, so there are no real excuses for the little mistakes. Put all of that together and makes for awkward moments.

Please believe, I still don't want to DPS full time. I like my job as a healer. I just need to breath a little bit while nuking so I don't make dumb mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Sure DPSing can be "easy mode" if you want to be a mediocre DPS'r. When I was still playing WoW I decided to stop playing a healer and to focus on being one of the best DPS'rs my guild had. To that end I researched everything I could about my class, DeathKnight in this case, what was the top dps spec, what was the best gear, what was the best skill rotation, and what to do in each and every instance situation.

I had spreadsheets and multiple guides up which I reviewed before each encounter. And then I went out and worked to get all of the equipment and items I would need. In the end I was always the number one DPS'r in my guild by a large margin including other DKs.

Sure I could have hit my skills blindly and just done the necessary dance steps to survive but my DPS would have greatly suffered.

But I could say the same for healers and tanks. Anyone who doesn't really put in the necessary effort to play their characters well will feel like their IQ is beng leached away. So blame the role entirely, the person playing that role should take quite a bit of it too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I actually re-read your original post in ti's entirety and I think I overreacted. When I saw the title I instantly assumed you were saying that DPS'rs were easy to play but I see now that you were saying you felt less than intelligent because of your unfamiliarity with the role. Sorry, my bad!

Kirstimah said...

Yep, that was the what I had found. Being in the DPS role is harder for me because I do it so rarely (maybe once a week or every two weeks in a raid setting) so by the time I have gotten comfortable with what I am supposed to be doing, I lose and have to start all over. Hence, the silly little mistakes because I am pushing myself to excel at something I am not familiar with. :)