Sunday, July 5

Flex for me baby!

So, I totally was going to make a resto post today, considering lately my posts have been anything BUT resto stuff.

Then, this afternoon, my boyfriend got a new pet on his alt:

And now, I am truly a gamer girlfriend because I got so excited for him, I made him take a photo-op :)

Grats Dhoom!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, so it is possible after all. I had heard some talk about that earlier in the evening but figured Bliz had already dealt with the bug. Hopefully you'll be able to keep the little bugger and not be given either a generic wolf/missing a pet.

Keeva said...

If it's anything like the spirit wolves from Dustwallow, they will leave it for a little while, then suddenly nerf the ability to tame them - but the existing pets *should* stay.

So basically.. if you want one: get it ASAP before they decide to ruin the fun! :P

Kirstimah said...

One of our hunters who had completed the quest already is rather bitter about not getting it, but I think it should stay.