Wednesday, July 8

Is it time to clean my bank?

Hi, I'm Kir and I have an addiction.

I open my bank every day and stare at the bags full of stuff. Often, I have no clue if it's worth keeping. "Oh it has agility! Oh it has crit!" It's leather and kinda feral looking but I have no idea if I should wear it. I keep picking up more gear and dumping into the bank.

I don't have a clue because I stopped being feral about a year ago but I can't let go. My second spec is Boomkin. I carry it in my inventory. But I can't seem to shake this feeling like I would need my subpar feral set at any moment. Problem is I haven't looked into feral in ages. The new Lich King feral druid baffles me. No defense? Is straight AP better than going for stats?

I marvel at the prospect of so much space if only I got rid of the feral gear. I know it blows. Some pieces are good but frankly they came from instances. It's not like I can't just get them back again. The rest are hold overs from BC.

We don't need ferals, hell we don't need melee dps period. When I switch to boomkin on some fights, folks cheer at my crit and spell damage modifiers.

So, with a heavy heart, I went through most of my gear and sold it to the vendor. I kept the various pvp gear I picked up from VoA and some cherished items. Badge of Tenacity, oh you beautiful thing :)

Some of the stuff I did keep had some memories attached to them. That Badge? I got it for 40 gold off a guildy before he was booted from the guild. He was a dick. I enjoyed getting for discount. It took me through some rough times in BC as well.

I kept my Pocket Watch. Weeks and weeks in Kara tanking my ass off to finally get that. Along the way I bonded with some new and old friends back then who are with me in my current guild today.

Berserker's Call Again, a reminder of the hard work our little group put in to finally clear ZA.


Kitty pew pew and Bear RAWWWR... I will miss you.

The 200g will be put into a donation in your name. The Upgraded Kirin Tor Ring Instead of Feral Gear Foundation.

(Maybe in a few months I will tackle my trinket problem)

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