Friday, July 3

Such Frustration. Or, I'm a noob!

Nothing special here. Just been working on getting the comments enabled on my blog.

It has been a to-do thing for a while, but now that I am actually trying to work on it, the project has been pretty fruitless.

Enabled things on the Dashboard. Compared my code with a friend's. Tried some tips on Blogger Buster. Tried some tips on Blog Azeroth.

Nothing seemed to work.

Then, lo and behold!

I finally found the box that wasn't working properly. Sheesh. Only took a few hours of hunting, code tweaking, blah blah.

All I needed to do was enable some small little box in my template.

I can roll hots like there is no tomorrow, but figure out my blog? Newb.

(Thank you Keeva and Ashimbo for pointing out my glaring error which made me get off my arse and get it fixed)


Keeva said...

Testing, testing! :P

Kirstimah said...

It works! Wootage!