Tuesday, August 11


I've been involved the last few days with Raptor Camp 2009. What is Raptor Camp? It is the hours I have been spending waiting for the rare spawns to emerge so I can have a tiny non combat pet, of course!

I wasn't really going to spend so much time on them, but I kinda got sucked into it. It started off with 20 runs of WC. Then, sitting in Dustwallow for a couple hours waiting for Dart but giving up because a guildie needed a healer for ToC.

It changed when another guildie cursed himself for missing the Takk spawn and watched another player grab him. I noted the time and through the course of the conversation, I thought he wasn't going to come back a few hours later for it and instead go to bed. I sat there, waited for Takk, killed him not 30 seconds before the guildie logs in. I felt like such a horse's ass. And I am to a degree because I didn't go back and try for another one on behalf of the guildie.

I tried again for Dart. I saw many people come and go as I sat there for a few hours. I realize now that my original camping spot was flawed because when I checked for him the second time around, I literally watched him spawn on top of me on the little mount next to the hill. I was shaking from excitement because I had just seen another horde player ride past me just a couple minutes before.

Now, I'm casually killing raptors in Zul'Drak. For some strange reason, sitting in one spot is easier than killing spread out monsters in a loop. At least during my Dart camp, I could watch a movie or read a book.

I tell ya, these pets are a sickness. But each new pet gives me a sense of glee and I start to squeal and talk in a high-pitched voice about how cute they are.

93 pets and counting...


Keeva said...

I farmed the Deviate, but yesterday put a post on my realm forums offering to buy the rest for 2500g each. I came home to one in my mailbox (COD), plus three more up on the neutral AH, posted up by Alliance friends (for 3000g so they still got their full price).

Now I just need Razormaw, and I have the full set :D

I can't decide on a favourite - I love the blue and green, the red is a great colour, but Takk's is really awesome looking, and Dart's is really cute.

I'm on 92 pets :D

Kirstimah said...

Awesome! Grats on your little friends!

Anonymous said...

You are much more patient than me!

I farmed for the leaping one for a bit, and said "ugh, I can't farm any more pets!" and have been picking them up from the AH, much like Keeva =)

I believe that I'm halfway finished because I won't pay more than 2k gold for them. So I will have to wait a bit, I think before some of the rarer ones come down in price.

Good Luck with your camping, though!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forget to mention!

I believe I'm at 104 pets :)

Kirstimah said...

There are many pets I haven't purchased. I just don't have the cash to get all the ones I want, though I may have to get a Mechanopeep to match my Orb of Deception. :)