Thursday, August 13

New Ony

Blizz has announced they will introduce a leaner and more pissed off version of Ony for the 5th Anniversary of WoW.

Is this rehash or nostalgia?

Given that it is being released for the anniversary, I want to go with nostalgia. However, I would be more convinced of this if it was updated for a limited time. Maybe even attach some lore to it (which they still might do). Something like "Can't trust the help (Sartharion) to do the job right, I have to do it myself" kind of thing. And, since she's supposed to be dead, have one of the Aspects bring her back. I'm just grasping at straws, I know.

Considering that most Alliance and many Horde already know she had her claws in more than a few pots in Vanilla WoW, bringing her back into the story line would be helpful in leading me to believe this is more than a gimmick.

Without knowing when it will be released, it is hard to say at this point where it falls in the dungeon time line. However, we are looking at a possible two or three months of ToC before this new dungeon is released. Will be interesting to see if this is enough time for players to fully enjoy the new instance we have now before we are bombarded with somewhere else to go.

Meaner, but also harder?
Since they had announced that the upgrade would be here to stay, many are hoping it won't be dumbed down. Given it's supposed to be "fun" I have a feeling it won't be too much of a challenge to many guilds.

Deep Breaths are back, but they have also said they will update it to be more in line with what raiders are used to now (paraphrasing).

Wonder what they will do with all the old quests that were attached to her? Will the classic raider achievement be altered to compensate for the changes?

Blue has posted that the old level 60 version will no longer be available. This may be the start of a trend to phase out older content in favor of a longer end game.

Oh goodie, the helms are back!
That was sarcasm. I do NOT want moose antlers. Thank goodness for tree form and the Off Option. I suppose if I was a lock or a rogue, I would be excited.

New toys... for me?
It wouldn't be a dragon encounter without the chance of being able to get a new mount. This is one I will actually be trying for, since the new change to our flight :)

And, of course, I would be insane to not get the pet. On all characters. Even my bank alt.

Insert the classic humor
I can't really argue with the popularity of the announcement, though. Already, I'm seeing classic quotes from the infamous Onyixa video, and references to the patch notes regarding deep breaths. People are excited for many reason about this up coming release. I am not, but will still go because my friends will.

All in all, there are many good and bad things attached to this change, and I expect to be seeing more revamps in the future.


Keeva said...

I'm excited. I loved Onyxia.

But sad. The 40 man version won't exist anymore. Not that many people would ever do that again, but still.

Excited to get her back as a challenge (rather than just going there 4 lolz), but sad that the old raid will be gone.

I hope it's the same fight. Maybe with a new gimmick or two to freshen it up... but it needs the deep breaths and the whelps.

Many whelps east side.

Anonymous said...

I too think Ony revistited will be fun =)

And the moose outfit that was T2 was seriously one of the best druid gear sets in the game! Honest!

Oh...and Onyxia will deep breath more. For certain.