Sunday, August 23

Will you stay Tauren/Night Elf?

They are hoping to add race changes along with faction changes in the near future. Which got me thinking... do I want to stay a cow?

The alliance kind of got lucky here and have their new race, the Worgen, able to be druids. This is a yummy blend of all that is shapeshift-y and I think it's cool. On the Horde side of things, Trolls will be able to rock it with the claws, feathers or leaves. (See the chart for more a visual look at the class/race combos)

I believe they said that they were looking into different looks for the new races as they shapeshift into druid forms. It would be a stretch to have a troll druid have horns in Cat form (tusks now on top of the head?) so having a unique look makes sense.

Am I on board with Trolls being druids now? Kind of. I wish it were Orcs, as being tied to the elements seems a smoother transition to being tied with nature. However, Trolls are one of the oldest races in Azeroth (and the least played) and a sense of evolving past their cannibalistic ways seems like a good move.

Will I go troll? I might. If anything, for the booty shake over the Electric Slide.

What about the rest of the Druids? Any thoughts so far about changing? No pun intended...


Kae said...

I was willing to reroll my cow as a worgen, but I don't see any reason to reroll my elf as a worgen. The elves themselves are pretty cool as it is, and since she was my very first character and is no longer my "main," I have no reason to really reroll her, since I play horde.

Trolls I have no interest in. I leveled one to level 6 a long time ago, and am now planning to delete her to re-use the name for a worgen hunter alt ;)

Keeva said...

I will likely level a worgen and a troll.. partly so I can have a druid of every flavour, and partly because once Azeroth is sundered I will want to see what has changed - not by exploring on my level 80s, but by trudging around as a lowbie and seeing it through a new character's eyes. Plus I'll want to see how Worgens start out.

Keeva will likely stay my main, though.

Anonymous said...

I considered re-rolling a troll, I really enjoy them and love their casting and melee animations (I have 2 already, my shaman and my DK are both trolls!). However, I think I'm too tied to Beru's identity to just re-roll her. It would just feel...odd.

That being said, I may roll a troll druid and make her dual spec feral =) I will definately be deleting my level 9 BE rogue though and making a cute goblin chiquita!

Ashimbo said...

My cow druid will likely be 80 by the end of the week, so I haven't had as much time with druids as a lot of people, and because of that, I have not grown very attached to my shapeshifter. I will not be faction switching, but I may race-change to troll depending on how the troll forms look.

Although, the first thing I'm doing in Cataclysm is creating a Tauren Pally to go with the two blood elves I have now.