Thursday, August 27

So maybe not getting the T8 was a good thing?

It's been reported before, but the T8 4pc set is getting nerfed, at least it is being tested as a nerf. Many sides argued if this was a good or a bad thing.

I passed on a lot of the tokens because we had so many DKs, Mages, Rogues that getting their dps up seemed more important to me than looking good on the healing meter. Many of them were either new to the guild, rerollers, or otherwise had to take a break from the game and came back undergeared.

We do have a druid with the 4pc and it has greatly improved his overall healing. In this regard, I see the nerf as something that will hurt our healing team.

At the rate these instance have been coming out, I am actually happy now to not be tied down by set bonuses.

I don't like all the crit on the T9. I love my yummy haste too much, especially as a raid healer. Now that the tokens are generic and available for all classes, which I think should drop two not one per boss, I'm even less inclined to scramble for my set pieces.

I am going to have to disagree with Lissanna here: I don't have the T8 and I still throw Rejuv around on everyone for my raid healing, at least in Ulduar. Maybe I am behind the times during our ToC raids and should be using regrowth more. The faction champion fight comes to mind as far as changing my healing style. Something more bursty is needed. In this I agree with Lissanna, that being more than a two button healer something druids need to move to.

If the Idol is any indication, they still want rejuv to be a solid hot to keep on the target. A free, trinket like spell power bonus is just too freaking good. I pray to the game gods that it won't be nerfed.

I will still be employing the method I did for Ulduar, going for incremental upgrades instead of saving up everything for set bonuses.

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