Tuesday, September 1

Get off me!

So much hate for the Faction Champion fight. So much hate on so many levels.

This has certainly become the love it or hate it fight. Those who love it enjoy the change of pace or the pvp flavor of the fight. They scoff at those who would rather have a scripted and controlled event. Those who hate it have their reasons, too, like when the melee gangs up on someone and they get owned.

Slowly but surely we are getting the fight under control. We have our more pvp minded leaders tackle the job of breaking down the assignments. People are getting past the omg phase and actually looking at the fight for its components, not the whole.

Additionally, having a healer get killed three times in a row helps, as well. Huh? you may ask. Well, on our win, I got tackled by a couple melee and was finished off by I think either the Shadow Priest or the Hunter (I can't be sure). I got battle rezed. As I was frantically trying to top myself back off, I got nailed again. Again, battle rezed. As I am racing away from the group, I died a third time. Since I was the last battle rez available, well, I took the time to watch the game play.

Ya, I failed big time. I am not a noob to pvp really. I just stopped doing battlegrounds awhile ago. From nerd rage spewing in bg chat, to zerg fests leaving nodes undefended with afkers, just dropping in to get some honor lost it's charm. Arenas didn't last long for me either.

But last night, I used Barkskin constantly as well as Entangling roots, regular roots, Cyclone, Hibernate on the hunter pet, cure poisons and decurse, on top of healing my butt off. Oh, let's not forget bear form or cat sprint. Looking at the list, no wonder I was a target. This went beyond "Kill the one in the dress!" to "Kill the damn druid." at all costs.

I envy the other druid healer. He stays in tree form, doesn't cc anything, and doesn't die. I'm sure tree form helps since it increases his armor. But for me, I can't sit back and just heal. Watching the rogue chase down a clothie has me going for the root. After the CC's are used up on the targets, I click the Cyclone. Someone yells to get a pet off them, I'm there scrambling to help. I'm sure my life would be easier if I just healed.

Do I hate the fight? No. I don't love it either. I'm actually ambivalent. I'd rather it not be tedious. Many of our raiders hate it so much that after a wipe, it's like pulling teeth to get them to reform and try it again.

It will get better. There are only so many combos of the targets, and like arenas, a general formula will cement for people and we can go to just execution.

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Anonymous said...

We only got 2 attempts on the faction champs last night because all our Toc instances were lagging something horrible, and I think they disabled my Shadow Meld because the pic was dark ( or it just could have been lag doing weird stuff, I like to pride myself on my survivabilty - between fade / meld ( if it still works now) fear and dispurse I can agro dump most stuff on other people.