Saturday, August 29

Personal Space?

So this morning I went to my usual afk spot in Dal to grab some coffee. This horde troll on his ravasuar follows me and sits right on top of me.

Then, two alliance on their wintersabers followed him and soon enough they were all crowding around me.

I started to get really uncomfortable. Why are they all gathered around me? I didn't get a chance to ask the troll what he was up to, as he ran off before I could tag his name. It all left me feeling bewildered and confused.

If it's just a game, how come my personal space threshold felt threatened by having strangers surround me for me no stated reason?


Anti-Cal said...

You smell nice?

Anonymous said...

I'll be sitting outside Ulduar on a brick wall mounted, and someone with a bigger mount will sit on top of me, its my automatic reaction to move so that they aren't on me because yeah I have a think about personal space too, it could be that they were inspecting you?