Thursday, December 10

Did I just have fun?

I braved my first pugs with the new system yesterday and I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness. Sure, quality players are pugging for their emblems so they can get gear, but I didn't expect it to be so, well, rosey.

I only did a couple, since I haven't been in a dungeon in months, but no one really pissed me off. Sure, some dps thought it would be better to stand in bad stuff and I had one tank who seemed to forget where to go.

Because you get ported into the zone (can't use a summon stone when everyone is from other realms) I made a game of it.

Let's see, spider webs and stair cases... Old Kingdom (ding ding ding).

Hmm, more stair cases and Titan-like walls. Halls of Stone? Nope, HoL.

Overall, it was decent money, a few emblems and a chance to get my ego stroked by random players "nice healz!".

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