Tuesday, December 8

A non patch post

Why yes! A post not related to the patch. Of course, tomorrow or even later today will be a different story, of course, but for now I wanted to write about something different.

Last night we lacked some tankage for our 25 man heroic ToC, so instead split the raid into a 10 man normal and heroic.

The heroic did rather well, considering we expected to die in horrible ways. MVP award goes to Dee for being a shadowpriest who healed like a pro and gave me a run for my money. We got so lucky to find a player who can switch specs on a dime and still do well.

A big thank you to Kae from Dreambound for the post on Jaraxxus. During the first couple attempts, I was getting really pissed about this ability but didn't have time to look at my debuff bar to see what it actually did besides silence me. I asked the raid leader if I could look it up. He said it wasn't on wiki but I had a feeling one of my fellow bloggers would have had this covered and you didn't dissapoint!

Faction champions took some creative switching, with our main tank becoming an all around player by healing, killing totems and slowing down the rogue as it was gunning for squishies.

We had our doubts about the twins. Again, our raid leader did a fantastic job covering our strat (Ranged stacked as one color, melee stacked as another with the tanks positioning between). If only all the ranged got the memo and didn't decide to stand off in no man's land only to die.

Anub. Well, I died spectacularly to shadow strike and with a few minutes left of raid time, we decided to rest on our laurels there.

Great work guys and grats on your loots!

Now time to get one last bit of studying in before my finals. Happy downloading.

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