Saturday, December 26

I know it sucks, but whatcha gonna do?

Now that the early wave of pugging has subsided with many folks headed back to school soon, the quality of players using the LFG tool is starting to slide.

It's no secret that there are some DPS queing as tanks in order to move faster up the chain.

Usually this issue is not a problem on Kir, who is overgeared for just about anything. It becomes a liability on Ciras, who is still trying to shed the last remains of her Naxx gear through doing pugs.

So, Dhoom and Ciras are trying to gear up when we realized that our tank in UP is clearly not a tank. Yes, he was a DK but he was unholy. Now, before you start yelling at me that Unholies can be tanks, let me say that it is probably possible but more than likely doesn't happen.

So, Ciras is PoMin and Shielding like crazy, making use of her Glyph of Prayer of Mending like a mad woman because our group didn't get one but three tanks. Yes, the dps warrior and retadin are also tanking because the Unholy can't hold agro for jack.

The icing on the cake? You know that broken stairway before the boss? Not only did the pally fall down but the warrior as well. To the "tank"'s defense, he was trying to hold the mobs that we were supposed to be on, while the other bozos decided to fight the packs instead of dying like good morons.

After we wiped, the melee's blamed the tank for their failure. I quickly rushed to Unholy's defense and said that he was fine, they were the idiots. I surprised myself because just minutes before, I was cursing at this guy for being a fail-tank. Then, I realized that the rest of group was more stupid than he.

Moral of the story...

Yes, tanks are probably DPS who didn't want to wait for a que. But, if they are indeed trying, don't be afraid to exercise your healing powers and tell the idiots what's what. All it takes is a little push on your part, because frankly, they don't want to go back into another 15 min wait.

Just use your powers for good, not evil.

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