Wednesday, December 2

Preping for the new instance

I've said this before, but it seems to warrant mentioning again... I am tired of chasing the tier gear. I stopped during Ulduar sometime and never looked back.

From a healing standpoint, I was not thrilled with the crit on the set gear, regardless of how cool the bonuses were. For me, I am a raid healer first, and a tank healer second. Even during 10 man hardmodes, I tried to strike a decent balance between the two.

So before the haste change was announced, I stayed around 500 haste. I had dropped some talents in order to get the Empowered Touch. Overall, worked well.

After coming back from academically induced WoW hibernation, I realized that I would need something like 700 to 800 haste. Yikes, right?

On my server, the top druids are sporting 200 to 300 haste. I imagine they may have some tough choices to make for the Citadel. Dropping the t9 would be one of them. Picking up Celestial Focus is another.

In this, I blame blizzard, to a point. Favoring Crit on our gear over haste, then changing GotEM seems a little harsh. It seems to be the pattern that with each new set bonus, they tweak slightly how they would like to see us heal. GC has been quoted to suggest that blizzard thought Rejuv was too powerful and haste was a little overdone (huge paraphrasing).

Right now, I am way over the haste number I should for the content we are doing, and I haven't even grabbed CF yet. I have a crappy computer, so the haste is great if I didn't have the fps I have. Hopefully, that will change next month.

Most likely, I will be dropping a couple points I have in tranquil spirit and Revitalize in order to pick up CF. We don't have a bunch of elemental shaman or moonkin (read: we have one of each), so I can't rely on those buffs too much and need the boost CF provides.

Overall, I just feel a little bad for the crit druids who have to make radical changes in order to keep up.

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