Wednesday, September 15

New Expansion Blues

Maybe you are in this situation:

Cata beta is trickling in, SC2 is in full swing, and you have done ICC for almost a friggin' year. Real life stuff starts to invade, seeing the opening created by your waning enthusiasm.

Maybe you are in school and spend a little more time on homework than you did in the spring. Maybe you are a working stiff and decide that you are too tired to have dinner in the 15 minutes between getting home and the raid starting and just say "Screw it!"

Or, maybe you aren't dealing with any of the above and are pissed off that not enough people are showing up to the raids.

Either way, the expansion blues are hitting guilds hard right now, even my own.

The sad thing is, I haven't been online in a month to really feel it's effects. I am one of those people that is pissing off others (though I hope not! I have a very legit reason for not being online).

Last week, I was suckered in to doing a boss fight (sucked is the right word, as in, I sucked) and stayed to listen to officer chat.

Recruitment is a good ole standby route to take in order to fill our thin ranks, as long as there are enough good folks left playing on the server to recruit. Then there is hope- hope that people will come back from their breaks and be ready to tackle the expansion.

With the tenative release of November 2 it is still a long way to go while dealing with low attendance numbers.

Are you hit with the blues and if so, how are you handling it?

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