Thursday, September 16

Ya Mon!

I like trolls. Of course, I only have one character that is a troll but the poor guys sitting on the beach make the best of their situation.

I knew a while ago that the trolls were going to take back Echo Isles and would need the help of the players. So, I logged in this morning to do my part.

For complete guide to the questline, may I suggest starting with this.

They see me rollin'

Felt pretty bad ass to be riding down the trail with my band of recruits. Of course, whenever there is a picture to be taken, someone is always facing the wrong way.

Just when things were looking pretty good with the new guys, now you saddle up with the head troll himself!


Ok, fun aside, here is some nitty gritty on the questlines themselves. I am sure you all have done your quests but here I go anyway.

First of all, there is a similar line done on the Alliance side which involves Gnomeregan. Both phase the area, which once again proves that this mechanic is one of the best ideas Blizz has come up with 6 years. Not only that, but it had a Taking of Undercity-style battle, which is why I was teamed up with Vol'jin. I suggest not doing this in Resto spec (which I did and it took forever) or at least hooking up with a buddy of some aoe specialty.

There is a gem of lore in the questlines that attempts to explain why we will soon have troll druids ("What? We've been here the whole time!"). Much like the An Injured Colleague quest, I feel it was pretty weak. I don't know if I saw any information on what trolls shapeshift into, but a tiger would be pretty sweet. I do hope they flesh things out as we get closer to Cata instead of a minor and easily overlooked questline and some NPC dialog.

Because Echo Isles will be the future home of the trolls after Mr. Grumpy- I mean Saurfang kicks them out of Org, this quest line will be a feat of strength and therefore a limited time only thing. The rewards are neat, which include a cloak with the Darkspear insignia (and no stats) and a bauble which allows you to change into a Darkspear warrior for 30 mins (4 hour cooldown). It fits nicely next to my haunted momento :)

And remember kids... stay away from the voodoo... or come get it.

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