Thursday, September 30

Sexy wings, Cynical Brit, and a survival guide.

News has been trickling in that the release of Cata will be December instead of November. For some, this is great news because they have more time to purge their banks, level those alts and complete those achievements. For others, it means another two months of stalling in ICC.

As a reminder of the expansion blues, one of our members last night made a telling comment.

He has 33/50 shards for his legendary. When it was pointed out that he didn't have much more to go, he replied something similar to I'd rather see new content than finish the sword.


Yay Tree Bark Jacket!

I have been trying to keep up on the talent changes and new abilities in the mean time. I kind of feel lost, much like I did when WOTLK was arriving. Of course, Keeva is going to save the day with a guide to 4.0.

As confusing and scary as it may seem, it is important to pay attention to the writing on the wall and begin to adjust your play style. For myself, I know I use rejuv like it's bottomless, but in a raid I use all my spells just some more than others depending on the encounter (For example, nourish was my top spell last night on Dreamwalker but not so on Sindi). I know there are some druids who just Rejuv and WG. Others never really thought about when to roll LB and when to let it pop. With Blizz leveling the field once again between all types of healers, it is also crucial for us to be mindful of where we can excel and make the best use of our tools. If there is one thing that stands out with being a player of a druid is that we are flexible and quick to adapt. Hmm... game imitating life or the other way around?

Tier 11

Despite being in favor of changing our tree form model opposed to making it a cooldown, I do care about what the armor looks like. It could be that I spent months and many hours getting my first set which gave me a dead bird on my head. Then antlers and horns and more dead animals.

But, check this out!

Oh Blizz, I know this is just to help appease me and my anger over losing a permanent form. I have to admit, you had me at the wings. In your face wings. With sexy feathers floating down. Still a dead bird on my head, but the animation is HOT. What I don't quite get is three different colors. I see silvery green, brown, and dark blue sets. Everything is subject to change so I will keep an eye out for it, because I am obsessive like that.

Finally, if you follow MMO champion at all, you may have noticed Cynical Brit and his Cata videos. I am a new fan and highly encourage you to check his Youtube channel here. I respect those who want to remain spoiler free. I initially watched his Worgen vids largely because I knew I wasn't going to have time to make one right off the bat- not when I have a goblin to make! And a new troll! If you don't watch any of them, watch the Heroic Wipe video :)

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