Monday, November 8

10 things I've learned while pet hunting.

1) If you don't have a T.V. or are too paranoid to let your eyes leave the screen for very long, play some music (Pandora in the background worked for me). This pet hunting gig is very tedious.

2) Remember that certain raptors are only available through nests. Don't be a goober and get excited to see the Ravasaur Matriarch when you need to be looking at the ground instead.

3) Watch for wrist or hand pain. Set the looting to auto so you don't have to Shift-Click for hours.

4) Set the stopwatch timer to keep track. Hours one and two mean you still have hope. Hour three is when the paranoia sets in. /who to see who else is around. You start wishing for a Jeeves. During the hours of four and five is when mental fatigue sets in. You start to back track to make sure you actually looted. You've given up on actually seeing anything close to a pet and just kill to kill.

5) The elemental invasion sucks. More than once I told my screen "I will save you, little whelp!" *MOONFIRE* Recall that paranoia sets in. I started to wonder if elementals took my spawn.

6) Having friends to pass the time helps but don't bitch to them. Remember that this is a self-imposed torture.

7) Setting out a pet that similar to the one you are looking for won't convince your new pet to join you. More often than not, they aren't friends in the wild.

8) Remind yourself that this is a sickness. You can't help yourself. (This holds back the self loathing)

9) If your friends also collect pets, don't tell them what you are doing. Case in point: Friend in gchat says "I owe you an inappropriate misdirect for reminding me that I don't have [xyz pet] on [his main]." Opps! But grats on Dark Whelping!

10) And the last thing I have learned while pet hunting... They are so cute and I must have more!


Oombulance said...

I have 95 pets right now, I know all about this sickness!

Just gotta focus on one pet at a time and have clearly defined goals.

(thats how it works for me).

Kirstimah said...

Keep it up! I am waiting for them to sneak in a 100 pet achievement. I am frankly surprised they haven't yet, given that engineering pets are trade-able and there are a slew of Blizzstore pets.