Tuesday, December 21

Where the cool kids should hang out

When Orgrimmar got changed, I found this little spot where all the Tauren were. It was nice because I could feel at home with the totems and "May the winds guide you" talk.

After being parked in that section through this early bit of the expansion I noticed a few things:

1. It's close to the portals. Sure, we can all fly with our super sonic speed, but I don't have to dodge anything to get to them.

2. It has everything. Bank, AH, Blackmith, cooking fire, and mailbox are all within a few steps of each other.

3. It's open so I don't have to leave my mount/shapeshift if I don't want to.

Because of those reasons, when guildies say they are at the Bank/Orc bank/etc, I always add something like "Oh, not my bank... the ghetto bank."

The downside is that people on their GD freaking proto-drakes need to stop being arseholes and get off their mounts. I don't just mean in my little home away from home, but all of Org, while we are at it. Seriously, this morning someone went afk in front of the cooking vendor on their drake. Ok, side rant done.

My partner in crime and heroics has started calling it the death camp. It breaks my heart every time. He doesn't like to see all the cows rounded up in one spot ready for the slaughter house.

So, to my fellow Moo-ers... get away from the ghetto area and hang out with wisdom and easy access of the Tauren section of town. Just watch out for Orcs wielding heavy axes and meat grinders.

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