Monday, January 3

Dropping leaves for claws?

I have been playing WoW since... well I think since Feb or March after release (there's something on the web that tells me, but I can't find it right now). Anyway, in that time, I have done many roles and gone through many incarnations of the druid: cat dps not better than a 41 rogue, bears first foray into tanking MC, restos as the bastard children of healing, etc.

Healing in Wrath made me a goddess. Healing in Cata, while I have not lost my divinity, was a welcome challenge.

Why the hell would I want to switch to tanking? Frankly, I miss it. All through Wrath, I kept my scraps of a feral set in my bank. Once a month or so, I would put it on, then shake my head because I didn't know the first thing about the new feral mechanics. Wistfully, I would plop it all back in the bank.

I still don't miss carrying so many sets of gear. But I do miss the challenge of being up in front, taking the shots. Bears might need a little love in Cata, but I think they (Blizz) will get it right soon. Or in a year... hell, look at Death Knights and how long it took to figure them out.

Guildies worry that the stress of being a tank will break me again. I've gotten a little older, I don't swear in vent so much, and healing has certainly given me a zen approach to when crap happens.

Now, having said all of that, I wish to say that I don't dislike healing. As I said before, I have played all the roles at one point or another and seen virtually all the changes. I don't think Restos are broken or unplayable. I admit, I rock heroics like a queen and was getting apprehensive about the transition to raiding but that nervousness was not the catalyst for the desire to switch.

Our guild lacks a 4th tank (while not needed in 25s, kinda important for running two 10s). It is supposed to be my brother, a DK, but real life is keeping him from raiding. And, our guild prides itself on diversity. We like a good mix of every class and spec and play to the strengths of those classes and players.

Enter the bear. We haven't had a bear since BC and this is my chance before our first real raid to step up and fill in.

Despite my desires and intentions, the jury is still out on what kind of raiding we will actually be able to hit in the coming weeks.

As for the blog, other bloggers have changed their specs or quit their blog entirely so I will keep writing about what interests me or what I observe, with an ample dash of unsolicited opinion.

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