Tuesday, January 18

Breaking bad habits

If there is one habit I need to stop doing is overhealing. Especially when it comes to rejuvenation.

I did this all the time in Wrath, just rejuv rejuv opps they have one already! Oh well, just keep at it.

But now, man, overhealing rejuv is just a waste and something I am slowing retraining myself to NOT do. And I admit, it's difficult.

Then I started to take a hard look at other things I could be doing differently.

What I could fix

Stop swiftmending the person who is out in the middle of nowhere unless you really need that instant heal (tanks not included). Lonely green circles makes kittens cry.

Stop refreashing rejuv mindlessly.

Watch for times when it's ok to let LB bloom. Stop switching LB targets before the bloom.

It's ok to use Tree form. It won't kill me or anyone else if used properly.

I don't need to chase the dps who ran so far away. Do remind them to stay in enough range to not kill the raid while avoiding bad things.

Mind over Spells

This leads to something I hear from healers which is "Get your mind retuned." Things like understanding when it's ok to panic that folks are at 50 percent and when it's ok to just ride the wave.

The synergy that Cata has instilled for healers causes much more critical thinking. This is where I start to feel bad for Shaman. Their spells seemed to be rather gimped as it is, but imagine going for a couple of years just doing chain heal? The argument could be made for the rest of the healers, but after looking at the various Shaman mechanics, I just feel pity for them. I would say they are the prime example of the huge shift the game has made.

So now that I have exposed my flaws for the world, I can get back into the business of holding my breath for Rejuv+WG spam again. Hopefully, I will have learned how to heal smarter by the time the patch comes.


Zelmaru said...

Meters are not just for the DPS e-peen! I have my meters running and set to "overheal". It's a good measure for me as I run instances.

Ohken said...

Agreed about rejuvenate overhealing. It's better mana usage to save them for people below 75% or lower.

I'm not sure about letting lifebloom bloom. Casting lifebloom *saves* us mana compared to letting the stack fall off, because of Revitalize.

Kirstimah said...

I actually am obsessive about not letting lifebloom bloom. I was just thinking about all the times there was tank switches or what have you and wondered if it was better to let it bloom before I started rolling stacks to the next target.