Tuesday, January 25

Was I crazy to drop Furor?

Some time ago, after the rumors of a reduced Rejuv cost was in the works, I was taking a look at my talents and decided that I really wanted to try Genesis. The problem was, how the heck was I going to be able to pull that off? I was irked at Efflo and thought the answer was to drop that to grab more points into Balance.

Then I came across Leiyan's blog which explored that very same idea in a way.

Since I wasn't quite ready to drop Efflo because I needed to see how it performed in 25s, I decided I wanted to have my cake and eat it too...

Thus, this is the spec I am playing around with. I dropped my two points of Furor, dropped GotEM to 1 point, kept Living Seed and Efflo and put two points into Genesis.

Now, I understand the argument for keeping Furor. A boost to that mana pool means lasting longer not only because you have more of a resource to build from, but it means your revitalize ticks for more. I am not saying it is a bad talent at all.

For myself, I went from 111k mana self buffed to 110k mana roughly. This seemed an acceptable tradeoff to get all my hots to work better.

What I didn't do is take Blessing of the Grove. Despite Rejuv being my most casted spell, I needed to keep points in Efflo for that all important parser testing. I will say that the parser did show an improvement on Rejuv (and other hots) I can't be entirely sure if it was the new Valor boots I got, usage of mastery, the talent change, or all of the above. Keeping an eye on it.

Another thing to note is what my roles are. One week I was tank healing with some raid thrown in, another week I was raid healing with some tank healing when those healers were busy (like running from oozes). This effects spell usage to a point, though to be honest Rejuv is up there regardless of whatever role I am in.

As a slightly off topic, I'd like more Priest, Shaman and Pally blogs! If you know of some really awesome ones I would love to know (Lifeingroup5 for example is a Shammy one I hadn't seen until last week).


Jasyla said...

I don't think it's too crazy to drop Furor. If mana isn't that much of an issue those are definitely points that can be spent somewhere else. Not sure about dropping the points in GotEM though, I really like that instant heal component.

Here are some recommendations for blogs about other healing classes:

There are a ton more, but I dont want to make this the longest comment ever. Take a look at my blogroll (or the blogrolls on the ones I mentioned above) to get even more recommendations

Anonymous said...

Well, I obviously don't think it's crazy to drop Furor. ^^*

It was disconcerting to see my mana pool drop from +100k to around 90k unbuffed, but I've gotten use to the smaller mana pool. After all, that extra 10k mana is really only good for like 2 or 3 more heals.

Kirstimah said...

Thank you for the links, Jasyla!

Interestingly enough, I found you through Lifeingroup5 just this morning (excellent write up of spells, btw).

@Leiyan "10k mana is really only good for like 2 or 3 more heals" I had a similar impression.