Friday, April 10


Blarg I say! Ok, I'm without having coffee first, but get some writing in before the weekend hit me. I have some other writing to do for class, and this will just distract me :)

Another Naxx cleared, and finally the Torch dropped. I'm just happy to see it again. No, I didn't get it because my EPGP was too low, but that's ok. One of our priests got it, and it was well deserved.

Naxx was both rough and smooth. We brought good folks both nights. First night, things were moving at such a good pace and we even made a good attempt at Heroic: And They Would All Go Down Together. Thursday, though, was unusually difficult. Same crew, but lag and DCs plagued us. Thaddius with DCers just means pain, over and over. Even I had my turn at blowing folks up!

So, with that behind us, we are off to get some 10 man achievements done, like The Dedicated Few before Uldar comes out.

Oh, and the uber Moonkin idol didn't drop, but a guildie passed along this info:

We don't want piling up a bunch of emblems now to give a big advantage when a patch launches where someone buys a set of gear from the beginning.

Currently the only items I noticed added to the emblem of valor quartermaster are the relic items that were in Naxx. Examples: Sigil of Awareness, Idol of Awakening, Libram of Resurgence, Totem of Hex, etc. While it is technically "old" gear, the emblems of valor that drop in Ulduar10 will give you access to items that are of the appropriate level to help progress in that dungeon.

The emblems of conquest that drop from Ulduar25 have a new quartermaster and a new set of items that go with it that include necks, belts, gloves, and leg slot items.

I say anything can change because until the patch is live nothing is for sure, but at this point in time the only things we plan to add to the Emblem of Valor Quartermaster are the relic items out of Naxxramas.

With that info in mind, I think I will be spending more emblems toward supplementing my off set.

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