Tuesday, April 14

Patch Day!!

I am so screwed... Real life says "Hey, you are two chapters behind on homework and you have an exam on Friday! You better not be on WoW when you get off work!"

Um, maybe I will be. How about I just fish instead for my new mount? I can calculate correlations while fishing, right?

OK, I can't play and do homework at the same time. However, there are no raids scheduled and I can try to bang out a couple hours worth of homework before logging in.

So, since it's patch day and there's nothing else going on until it's finished...

I recently visited a guildie who had come in from out of town to visit. During the course of conversations, she told me that I have a sickness. I don't feel ill. In fact, I feel pretty good albeit stressed.

I am 69/75 pets toward my little fawn. I will say, in my defense, that I don't have the most pets in the guild. That title goes to our lone Shadow Priest. But, the new tournament will be sucking up my time. Not only will it allow me to finally finish out my City Reps (So close, but so far away), I have a chance to gain 6 more pets.

So yes, that's my sickness. Little non combat pets :)
A small public service message:

When applying to a guild, make sure to read all the directions and answer the questions fully. Things like not linking an armory shows you are a moron.

Also avoid this:
We raid wed/thurs 5-8:30, and Sunday 4-8:30 server time. We ask that members be available for 2 raids per week, can you meet this?

I was told that you raid on Friday and Saturday if those are the days yes i can make raid times

We haven't raided on a Friday since, oh before we raided 25 man content last Feburary. Even if you went to our old recruitment posts from a million years ago, it will say we raid Wed, Thurs, and Sundays. Wtf?

When apping to a guild, make sure to check that you didn't just copy and paste from the previous guild you appd. In fact, don't app to more than one guild at a time. Some guilds just don't like that. Spray and Pray is not your friend.

If you ignored this advice, please make sure all your information is the same. Saying you are 13 to one guild and 16 to another guild is just not kosher.

And, finally, when I send you a tell to follow up on your app, don't reply with "I did app 2 u guys, right?" True story.

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