Thursday, April 2

Blogs, Patches and Jokes

Several weeks ago, my favorite blog Resto4life closed its doors. This blog has been the most successful and informative blog for druids. The owner recently discovered she was pregnant so she had to make the tough choice and stopped her blog. In response, Blizzard has given her an item with her name. Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seed will be something I am going after, if anything for vanity.

Many other blogs have stepped up to fill her shoes and I plan to keep commenting on the things I read.
The latest patch can not come soon enough. I finally got my offset enchanted last night, so my hit rating and haste are up to par despite my 10 man gear. I don't plan to actually raid with my off set, though. I mean, I am one of two resto druids with many other folks able to dps. "Kir, we have too many hots, can you switch to Boomkin for this?" Not likely. Knowing things will change is the hardest part for me right now. I am so used to doing dailies at a crawling pace, now I do them thinking "If only I could switch to boomkin I'd be done by now." Kudos to those folks who regularly switch specs when they want or need to for I am too cheap (or stubborn) to keep that up.

I haven't spent a great deal of epgp on upgrading my offset like others have. Granted, some folks want to make their offset a tank set, so I totally don't blame them. In fact, I can't blame anyone for spending their points for their offsets. It's not that I'm hoarding my points it's just that I see my offset for dungeons and dailies instead; I don't see it going further.
Some time ago, I broke down and got 4 pieces of t7 for the set bonus to Nourish. Several blogs and players have confirmed that after 3.1 a glyph, bonused Nourish will be our best single target heal. Coupled with the nerf to lifebloom (more on that later), it seems for a while we will be moving away from proactive healing to reactive healing. Nourish in its current state still lags behind a Glyphed Regrowth as far as output is concerned so I haven't used four piece yet.

So, I am probably going to drop my Regrowth glyph for the Nourish one. Some druids are recommending Glyph of Rejuv once you get your 4 piece t8 but I have to wait and see on that one. I have never liked the Rejuv glyph and having a set bonus probably won't change that. Besides, I love my Innervate glyph to much.

Lifebloom... I explored that a bit on my guild's druid forum. After 3.0 I stopped using Lifebloom as a multi-tank hot which the more I read about this lifebloom change makes me feel like I was in the minority. Sure, I roll Lifebloom but its entirely situational (Patchwerk for example). The other reason I don't rely on Lifebloom like I did in Burning Crusade is to maintain healing assignments. Our guild has an insane amount of healers and folks like to know they can hold their own on the targets they are supposed to heal. Finally, regrowth is much more efficient for me to toss than Lifebloom. Overall, this change won't affect me a great deal when it's all said and done. I feel bad for those druids who relied on lifebloom heavily. I've talked with someone who has a druid alt and they don't want to give up their playstyle.

And now, jokes... For April Fool's Day, I went to the American WoW website to check in my annual April Fool's Joke but it was not there! I didn't realize how I've come to look forward to it each year. Of course, nothing in my mind will top the first one (believe that was Ogres as a playable race). Yes, they have become predictable and silly (tin foil hat, anyone?) but they were fun and creative.

Trolling the forums led me to the Euro site which featured *drum roll* Pimp Yo' Mount! Yay! It was silly, kinda lame, but it made me smile anyway.

Off to do dailies and try to squelch the feeling that I could be going faster...

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