Friday, April 3

Sigh, cooking and fishing

Each time new content is put out or my guild hits the next step in progression means I put in more time at the cooking fire.

While I was out farming for more Glacial Salmon, I checked MMO Champion for any new recipes on the way.

Seems Blizzard has heard the complaints of raiders regarding mage/vendor food not filling their bars in one sitting by adding a new cooked food, Black Jelly. Costing 3 Borean Man O' War, it will Restore 18000 health and 15000 mana over 30 sec. That's a huge boost to the speed of raiding, especially after a wipe.

Now, 3 Jelly Fish may not seem like much. Don't get me wrong here, I am thankful that Northern Spices are not needed to make these, but fishing these is not nearly as fast as other fish. The pools share a spawn with Manta Rays, which slows things down a bit. On top of shared pools, there is also the occasional box or crystalized water thrown in, and before you know it fishing these drags on and on. At least, it feels like it to me.

I hope it will be worth it. I have no noticed if they had added a new rank of mage food, but I wouldn't put it past Blizz to add something last minute after I have fished up 200 of the wiggly suckers.

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