Sunday, April 5

Closing WoW

I need to close WoW more often after I am done for the night. Recently my cat walked over my keyboard, apparently, because I found this the next morning:

He's so clever. While I was going through my screenshots of a recent guild event, I noticed the above picture. Not only was my cat trying to hack my account, he took a screenshot of process!

Yes, I am sure it's bad for my monitor to leave things up over night and to not allow the screen saver to run. But some nights, I am just so tired I just leave it.

A typical night goes like this:
Raid for three hours
Sit in Vent's officer channel for an hour or so
Leave the desk and find something else to do before I sleep.

I am getting better though! Now I minimize WoW to check the guild boards, watch something on Hulu, whatever, but I need to learn to shut off the freaking game!

Good thing I have an Authenticator. My cat wouldn't be able to figure that out.

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