Sunday, April 5


Listen, Blizzard. There is not a lack of healers in the game. There is a lack of intelligence instead.

I have a Disc Priest alt. Besides the occasional "Wow, you have two healers?" or "Is Disc Fun?" and "So what are the differences between a druid and a priest?" I get tells like this...

"Healing Nax?"

Seriously, WTF? When did the thoughtful and complete sentence

"Hello. My group is short a healer for and I was wondering if you would be available or spec'd to heal for us?"

get changed to grunts?

Yes, I am talking to you, scrub product of our educational system! Would you walk up to someone and say "Kick?" if you needed someone on your flag football team? NOOO!

So I am done, sick of it. I don't respond well to these tells.

Scrub: "Heals?"
Me: "Sorry, my raid is full on healers. Thanks for asking though."

Also, check where I am before you ask Mr. Dumbass. This feature /who is not new and is freakin simple. /who Kirstimah or /who Ciras will tell you where the hell I am before you ask me to go to some stupid pug of yours that probably will fail anyway.

I don't pretend to be a genius, but I have played a lot of MMO's for over a decade, and there are certain things you do to get folks to do what you want. Being a dipshit won't get you a healer.

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