Sunday, July 12

Things that make me sad...

Pugs who don't move from Flame Wave. Still.

Druids who still spam Healing Touch then wonder why my Disc Priest out heals them.

Mages who's tables have come and gone before any buffing has started.

Skinners who insist that each worm in Hodir's tunnel is precious and reminds us over vent to loot them. Every time.

Those who ask "where do we go?" after we said what the next boss is only to then ask "which teleport is it?"

People who move out during light bombs or gravity bombs when they didn't need to but now are out of range for heals.

Finding out that I didn't have to spend points on my off spec Idol, when it will be on the vendor in 3.2.

Getting all excited that my alt hit 75, only to forget that Cold Weather Flying is at 77.

People who like to blow up others with the bomb bots before Mimiron.

People who would rather go without consumables for a boss fight even though the guild bank provides them.

1 comment:

Anti-Cal said...

I'll admit I'm guilty of the last one. Not on purpose though, it's usually because I simply forget to take a swag of the flask.

The rest? Yeah, pretty much.