Saturday, December 19

Rocket packs are not toys.

So, it's been another rousing week of raiding in Icecrown, doing both the 10 man and 25 man versions.

Looking back, there are a few things I would like to share.

For goodness' sake, please stop yelling in vent you have the curse. By the time it reaches my ears, I have already taken it off you. STFU.

If you have the curse, and can remove it, try it. It just might work.

FFS Listen!

When the person giving instructions says "Ok, wait for Lum (our main tank) to go over to the other boat, then when he says to, follow." he means just that. Somehow, that was translated into something like "Hey, there's the boat, weeeeee!" followed by death, which ensued the comment akin to "I died from something horrible."

Or, after explaining the strat for the third time for the instructional impaired, the raid leader asks "Are there any questions?" we hear: "No, but I have a comment. I am on top of the boat!" /facepalm

But before all that...

"I have to stand right next to Lum or I die." Which led me to think to myself, Funny, you die next to Lum, so maybe there's a flaw with this strategy.


More Five Man Stuff

Despite having other alternatives, I have been farming HoR for the off hand with no luck. We brought a warlock who has been away from the game for some time and needed gear ups.

Me: "If you roll against me on [the heart] I will hunt you down and kill you."
Warlock: <--- Not afraid
Luminas: "I am going for coffee while the tree vents her murderous rage."

Sadly, the lock got a wand, and the Shriveled Heart didn't drop. Here's to hoping something comes out of ToC later.

Songs from Icecrown

Here are some tunes to infect your group mates with...

For Halls of Reflection, Gauntlet: I Ran by Flock of Seagulls
For the trash before Lord Marrowgar: Shout by Tears for Fears
(Works best if the raid calls "Shout!" and you respond with "Let it all out!")

And finally, courtesy of Anti and our gmotd: All my ex's live in Nexus


Kae said...

As cold as ice... I hope we live to tell the tale...

BTW, I got up on top of the ship, too. :) We opted to have a 15-minute break upon reaching the airship this week just to give people time to get it all out of our systems...

Kirstimah said...

Not a bad idea. As soon as we get to the ship, just take a break and let people goof around/die/whatever :)