Thursday, January 27

UI time (Part 2)!

I previously mentioned what I use as far as Clique and Power Auras set up. Now we move on to the crux of my mods, Vuhdo.


I was unhappy with Grid and it's extras not being updated timely and I missed the customization when I used the default frames. Thus, I looked into Vuhdo.

This video has a good introduction, even if some of it is possibly out of date.

There is a lot of nitty gritty that I tweaked and messed with.

Explaining it all would take a video, which I am not that savvy at, but I will point out some adjustments I made and show what it looks like. Note that a lot of functions have their own tooltips explaining what happens when you enable/disable them.

Here is the misc General configurations. Notice I check marked Clique to use those keybindings I had set up. I hid party and raid frames, well because that's what Vuhdo is for, and at the bottom there you can use their feature to announce resurrections.

This section can change the color of the panel to show the color of the debuff that is on the target. I wasn't quite happy with the default colors so above is what I have set up.

This is all my hots going. What I didn't realize after making that screenshot is you can enable the mod to show stacks of say... Lifebloom as well as the timer. Now, this looks like my frames have the case of the measles but I am quite used to it.

This is what the frame looks like with some hots, a raid icon, and showing incoming heals.

Example of a debuff during a Deadmines run.


This mod originally was a warlock mod (which still works great for that and I use it for my lock alt) but it has increased it's functionality for all classes. One of our healers uses the default raidframes, so using the spell tracking feature that FX provides helps him keep tabs on those pally things (read: sparkly buttons).

For myself, I have Vuhdo for most things, but FX combined with Power Auras let's me track so much more. The cooldown bar tracks my trinkets, internal cooldowns like Nature's Grace, Swiftmend etc. It's quite handy and can be moved to anywhere on your screen.

Similarly, if you are only wanting a cooldown bar without having to turn off a bunch of extra features, try CoolLine. It's lightweight and has a similar look to FX (inspired by it actually).

You can find all these mods at your favorite addon site (Curse, WoWInterface, Ace, etc).

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